SFL EVO linear blowing systems

Unrivaled speed, quality, versatility and energy efficiency

SIPA range of linear blowmolders, the SFL serie, is a solid benchmark in the market of PET packaging since many years. Today, this platform has been technologically upgraded and the new SFL EVO serie is available. With this technological evolution, we have enlarged the opportunities for your market increasing production output, reducing TCO and introducing new developments, options and technical features, to provide a solid platform, with incredibly flexible capabilities.
Two main machine models are available with different configurations.  The SFL EVO 6 has a number of cavities ranging from 3 to 8, according to size. Oversize blowing press dimensions, XL and XXL, cater for taller and larger bottles respectively. 
The SFL EVO 4 is available in versions from 2 up to 5 cavities, as well as SFL EVO 4 XL versions with various levels of cavitation. 
The pitch of the ovens also comes in two sizes, for bottles with different neck diameters, opening up the possibility of more precisely tuning energy heat output to neck/bottle type.


  • High output, up to 2000 bottles/hour/cavity
  • Cavites from 2 to 8
  • Fully electric machine
  • Great flexibility
  • Extremely quick installation and start-up time
  • User centric platform with full process control
  • Variable clamp stroke
SFL 4/4 for edible oil bottles


Linear blowmolder for edible oil bottles

SFL Wide Mouth


Linear blowmolder for wide mouth jars in PET

SFL Preferential Heating


Linear blowmolding system SFL with SFL Preferential Heating

SFL EVO 2020

SFL EVO 2020

SFL EVO Linear blowmolder: the ultimate flexible & user friendly platform for the production of all type of blottles.

Process steps: main features & benefits

Preforms feeding and handling
  • Continuous preform feeding system
  • Composite techno-polymers chain: very light, no wear, no elongations, low maintenance cost
  • Self-lubricate bushing and sealed bearing
  • Standard quick changeover of spindle (tool-less)
  • Different chain pitch to optimize production based on specific neck finish diameters
  • Ejection system for oval or not well inserted preforms
  • Quick-change system (option) for different neck diameters: change of loading wheel and loading guides
Preforms heating
  • Preforms ventilation system with laminar flow (sipa patent). No turbulence
  • Low thermal inertia: higher heating process consistency and fast start-up
  • Oven dimensions based on preform and max bottle size (from 8 to 10 lamps)
  • Modular oven
  • Adjustable position for neck change

Preform transfer and pitch change
  • Servo-driven pitch-change system to optimize heating efficiency (oven pitch) and maximum bottle diameter (bottle pitch)
  • Simple, solid and reliable system
  • Servo-driven unit for same-time preform and bottle transfer
  • Precise and gentle preform holding
  • Very high transfer speed
  • Quick change of personalized parts (tool-less)
  • Servo- driven blowing clamp, no oil.
  • High clamp speed 
  • Several clamp stroke set by HMI, no mechanical settings
  • Double-sided pneumatic compensation
  • Servo driven stretch rods.
  • Fine setting of stretch profile thanks to servo control.
  • Blow seals, fast and independent for each cavity.
  • Self-learning of stretch stroke based on preform-bottle size.
  • High-tech blowing valves: fast and independent for every cavity, with individual pre-blow flow regulation 
  • Very quick exhaust
  • Single cavity pressure monitoring (option)
  • Standard Air tanks for peak blowing ramp, providing higher output 
  • By-pass valve to avoid chilled water when not in production
  • Lower power consumption while machine is in idle mode or is waiting for downstream
  • No condensation on blow molds once the machine is not blowing bottles

Bottles ejection
  • Servo-driven unit for bottle discharge
  • Discharge on air conveyor or belt conveyor or vacuum conveyor
  • Bottle base post-mold cooling
  • Leak tester: integrated device (neck handling) for 100% quality check



  • PET
  • RPET
  • OPP
  • PLA
  • PE
  • PS
  • Tritan
  • Preform in Preform
  • Multilayer



  • Standard and personalized
  • Lighweight
  • Heat Set
  • Pasteurizable
  • Ultra-Clean
  • ESL, Aseptic
  • HPP
  • Large sizes (up to 30 liters)
  • Oval and off-centered neck
  • Wide mouth (jars)
  • Light barrier
  • Gas barrier
  • Humidity barrier
  • Active packaging
  • Ti O2
  • Opaque colors  


HANDLE Solutions

  • Grip features
  • On Neck handle
  • Post mold Handle (flexible handle application)
  • In Mold Handle (robotic positioning inside blow mold)



The SFL standard machine platform provides great production flexibility in term of different types of containers to be produced with the aid of special kits. Bottles for mineral water, soft drinks, fruit juices and functional drinks, beer, edible oil, spirits, dressings, souaces, cosmetics and detergents and pharmaceuticals.

Production range

SFL EVO 6/771,514,000
SFL EVO 6/66312,000
SFL EVO 4/551,510,000
SFL EVO 4/4438,000
SFL EVO 6/5 XXL567,000
SFL EVO 6/4 XL456,600
SFL EVO 4/3 XL355,400
SFL EVO 6/4 XXL4125,200
SFL EVO 6/3 XL3123,900
SFL EVO 4/2 XL2122,600
SFL 4/2 XL2122,500
SFL 4/3 XL WM353,900
SFL 4/2 XL WM2122,600

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