Continuous degassing and carbonation unit for mineral water

Carbo-MW is  a compact deaerating and carbonating unit for the automatic production of carbonated water: the system uses the water deaeration is realized in a saturated tank of CO2, combined with the latest technologies in the carbonation field.


  • Highest final product standards in terms of quality, accuracy and repeatability.
  • The carbonation  is obtained by using an in line proportional dosing of CO2.
  • Xfill version available, for a direct integration with the filler.
  • Mass flow meter to control the CO2 quantity.
  • Design extremely compact, thanks to the tank’s horizontal arrangement.
  • Very easy logistic: machines are packable in containers for fast installation and commissioning.

Main features and advantages

  • In line proportional CO2 dosing system with mass flowmeter  
  • Fully automatic process  controlled by a PLC, menu-based  15-inch touch-screen operator control panel.
  • Frequency-controlled pumps.
  • Highly hygienic design concept, for easy cleaning and to provide the highest levels of sanitation in the equipment.
  • Highest final product standards in terms of quality, accuracy and repeatability. 
  • Product flow control by means of level regulating system in the buffer tank. 
  • Outflow rangeability: 1:4.
  • Gentle product handling. 
  • Economical use of space, thanks to the tank’s horizontal arrangement. 
  • Very easy logistics: machines are packable in containers for fast installation and commissioning. 
  • Reduced gas consumption through capacity control in accordance with the level in the carbonation tank.

Additional equipments:
  • Cooling of the carbonated product including control and measuring equipment. 
  • Quantity measurement for oxygen, CO2, etc.
  • Piping exposed to product is made of 1.4401 stainless steel (AISI316).
  • Energy saving  thank to insulation of the product buffer tank.
  • Double stage deaeration with high vacuum principle.
  • Carbonation range: 1,5 ÷ 4,5 V/V 
  • CO2 control accuracy: ± 0.05 gr/l or better in any condition
  • Cpk capability > 1,33 related to final product.
The water is guided to a horizontal degassing tank. Individually water operated spraying nozzles in the tank enable a speed control.Degassing is effected by CO2 counterpressure or the principle of high vacuum in option, after which a flow meter measures the amount of water to be pumped for the beverage production
The CO2 is fed via a control valve and measured with a mass flow meter, using an in line proportional dosing system.
Thank to a special injector nozzle, the CO2 is finely dissolved to guarantee the maximum solubility in the treated product, utilising exactly the amount required for the beverage carbonation.


Carbonated mineral water and flavoured water.

Production range

Carbo-MW 12Up to 12,000 l/h
Carbo-MW 17Up to 17,000 l/h
Carbo-MW 27Up to 27,000 l/h
Carbo-MW 34Up to 34,000 l/h
Carbo-MW 42Up to 42,000 l/h
Carbo-MW 54Up to 54,000 l/h
Carbo-MW 66Up to 66,000 l/h