GENIUS : Conventional depalletising systems

Genius is a global project based on a standard double braced central unit which, by adding the different modules in the series, can create customized solutions according to speed, container type and programs.
The range includes steady and moving pallet depalletizers which match the highest performances available in the market today, and is designed to allow every user to find the best solution to suit their own specific needs.


  • Modular system extremely flexible suitable for a wide range of containers handling.
  • Capability to handle new generation containers in a “soft” manner.
  • Operational flexibility and further reduction in change-over times.
  • Increase in structural rigidity and optimization of cycle to increase performance, with improved control of the different movements using state-of-the-art electronic solutions. 
  • Improvement of operational management by the operator, limiting mechanical regulations and simplifying access to the different components.
  • Limiting maintenance and components subject to wear (e.g. lubrication-free transmission).
  • Green approach: reduced consumption and operating noise. Attention to the recyclability of materials used.
Genius DS


Steady pallet depalletiser for glass bottle

Main features and advantages

  • Depending on the customers’ production requirements, multi-layer versions are available for the depalletizer.
  • The depalletized layer is fed onto the line both on chain and air conveyors. 
  • Fully automatic system requiring limited operator intervention, operating in complete safety.
  • Extremely simple, complete operator control panel. Can be integrated with an advanced control and supervision system.
  • Full height sides on three sizes in the full pallet lift area of moving pallet configuration. As an option, complete closure with infeed doors to stop containers from falling.
The range of steady pallet depalletizers with product outfeed from the bottom is extremely flexible, and was designed to allow every user to create the most appropriate solution for their own needs.
Based on a standard central unit and customizing with different heads and accessory modules, it is possible to handle the widest range of container shapes.
  • DS: sweep-off depalletizer with complete layer transfer by independent jaw head and intermediate table for loose containers such as glass, PET bottles and jars.
  • DSV: similar to the DS model but with a special head which increases overall productivity. 
  • DM-DG: layer transfer by centralized jaw-type head (DM) and hook head (DG) for plastic crates, with or without window.
  • DH: with magnetic head for tin containers or jars with metal lids.
  • DB: with inflatable pipe head for empty glass bottles with special shapes or partitions. 


  • Up to 180 layers/hour
  • Up to 230 layers/hour with DSV.
  • Up to 360 layers/hour with DM for plastic crates.

* (Depending on product to handle, gripping head and pallet configuration)
This e range of moving pallet depalletizers has been designed mainly for high production needs. In some cases, on the other hand, this configuration is particularly useful for solving logistics and space problems.
The appropriate head must be chosen according to the different products to be handled:
  • DC/A: with independent movement jaws-type head for glass, PET bottles and jars.
  • DM-DG/A: layer transfer by centralized jaw-type head (DM) and hook head (DG) for plastic crates, with or without window.
  • DH/A: with magnetic head for tin containers or jars with metal lids.


Up to 360 layers/hour


* (Depending on product to handle, gripping head and pallet configuration)



Extremely complete range  allows to handle crates, loose container both PET and glass, can and tin containers or jars with metal lids.

Production range

CratesLoose PET bottleLoose glass bottleCansJarsTin containers
Gripping systemJaws - HooksSweep-offSweep-off – Inflatable pipesSweep-offSweep-offMagnetic
Steady palletDM - DGDS / DSVDS / DSV - DBDS / DSVDS / DSVDH
Moving palletDM/A - DG/ADC/ADC/ADC/ADC/ADH/A