GENIUS : Conventional palletising systems

Genius is a global project based on a standard double braced central unit which, by adding the different modules in the series, can create customized solutions according to speed, container type and programs.
The range includes steady and moving pallet palletizers which match the highest performances available in the market today, and is designed to allow every user to find the best solution to suit their own specific needs.


  • Production range at highest performance level on the market.
  • Capability to handle new generation containers in a “soft” manner.
  • Possibility to integrate new layer preparation active solutions.
  • Operational flexibility and further reduction in change-over times 
  • Increase in structural rigidity and optimization of cycle to increase performance, with improved control of the different movements using state-of-the-art electronic solutions. 
  • Improvement of operational management by the operator, limiting mechanical regulations and simplifying access to the different components.
  • Limiting maintenance and components subject to wear (e.g. lubrication-free transmission).
  • Green approach: reduced consumption and operating noise. Attention to the recyclability of materials used.


Layer preparation with active pack orientation and arrangement

Genius PTFV Fastlayer


High speed steady pallet palletiser with double plaftorm for shrink-packs , with Fastlayer robotic layer preparation and pre-arrangment.

Main features and advantages

  • Depending on the customers’ production requirements, multi-layer versions are available for the depalletizer.
  • The depalletized layer is fed onto the line both on chain and air conveyors. 
  • Fully automatic system requiring limited operator intervention, operating in complete safety.
  • Extremely simple, complete operator control panel. Can be integrated with an advanced control and supervision system.
  • Full height sides on three sizes in the full pallet lift area of moving pallet configuration. As an option, complete closure with infeed doors to stop containers from falling.

The steady pallet palletizer range have infeed from below (in some cases the product can also be fed from the top). 
According to the product to be handled, the standard central unit can be integrated with various heads and accessory elements:
  • PTF: layer transfer by halving platform for packs and cartons (even crates with the same head), clusters and multipacks.
  • PTF/V layer transfer by halving platform for packs and cartons (even crates with the same head), clusters and multipacks, version with double moving platforms for high output lines
  • PM-PG: layer transfer by centralized jaw head (PM) and hook head (PG) for plastic crates.
  • PP- PR: layer transfer by pliers-type head. (PP) and cap-type head (PR) for full or empty PET and glass bottles.
  • PV: with vacuum head for empty loose containers (PET and glass) 
  • PS: sweep-off head for full glass loose containers  
  • PH: with magnetic head for tin containers or jars with metal lids.

Steady pallet
Up to 330 layers/hours
Up to 420 layers/hours  with double moving platform.
The range of moving pallet palletizers has been designed mainly for high production needs and/or to solve logistics and space problems. Product infeed is from above.
This kind of system can be equipped with the empy palllet loading module in order to increase the overall output of the application.
The appropriate head must be chosen according to the different products to be handled:
  • PTF/A: layer transfer by halving platform for packs and cartons (even crates with the same head), clusters and multipacks.
  • PM-PG/A: layer transfer by centralized jaw head (PM) and hook head (PG) for plastic crates.
  • PH/A: with magnetic head for tin containers or jars with metal lids.

Up to 700 layers/hours
FASTLAYER and ACTIVE LAYER: Layer preparation with active pack orientation and arrangement
These solutions offer an innovative alternative to conventional layer preparation requiring a divider and layer formation area with static pack-turning device. They can be integrated upstream of any kind of palletizer. 
Thanks to these systems we are able to satisfy any kind of market request, both in terms of productivity (from low/average to high speed) and logistics (in line or orthogonal infeed, with high or low level feeding).
The system can use 1 or 2 anthropomorphic robots mounted in parallel which move continuously and synchronously with the conveyor belt below. The packs are delivered along the layer forming conveyor in single row, appropriately spaced, and the robots work against the flow, orienting and arranging the packs to prepare the layer, according to the selected palletization layout.
The 6-axis robots are mounted above the conveyor, with a forward inclination of 40°, which optimizes the working area.
Active Layer
It is the layer preparation system designed to optimize the medium and low speed palletization plants with orthogonal infeed. The gripping head is installed on linear axes and moves in accordance with the flow of the packs arriving on the below belt chain. 
The system is controlled by vector and brushless motor gear.
Considerando le ultime tendenze del mercato delle bevande che richiede bottiglie più leggere ed esigenze di un marketing sempre più spinto che genera una moltiplicazione dei formati da trattare , con queste soluzioni si sono raggiunti 3 importanti obiettivi:

  1. Transport improvements of some containers and assures extremely delicate handling, in order to avoid any kind of damage to the product.
  2. Reduction of change-over times or adaptation to new products.
  3. Increased performance with small footprint.


Extremely complete range  allows to handle shrink-packs, cartons, crates, loose container both PET and glass, can and tin containers or jars with metal lids.

Production range

Shrink-packsCartonsCratesLoose PET bottlesLoose glass bottleseJarsTin containers
Gripping systemHalving platformHalving platformJaws - HooksVacuum - Pliers - CupsSweep-off - CupsVacuum - Sweep-offMagnetic
Steady palletPTF - PTF/VPTF - PTF/VPM - PGPV - PP - PRPS - PRPV - PSPH
Moving palletPTF/APTF/APM/A - PG/A---PH/A