Food products

Sipa specialises in the supply of lines for liquids, but has also gained considerable experience in the food product sector. This is a very broad segment, featuring great variability in terms of container type, size and products: liquids, pastes, powders, creams, sauces, products containing pieces, etc.
Bearing in mind this great variety, it is necessary to work with an experienced partner in order to find the best possible solution for various specific needs.
In particular as regards design of the preform and the container, Sipa is the only supplier on the market with the know-how and range of products capable of satisfying the needs of such a diverse market.
Thanks to its considerable engineering skills, Sipa is able to design complete, integrated, reliable and high performance lines of widely varying types. Given this extreme variability in operating conditions and requirements, it is sometimes necessary to integrate highly customised components, suitable to meet the most diverse needs.


A very wide and varied range of products falls under this category: sauces, toppings, dressings, egg-based products, paste and semi-paste products such as peanut butter and jam, baby-food, nutraceuticals and desserts.

The containers also vary according to the product they are to contain. Generally speaking, they are very often jars or containers that are able to stand hot filling.

Main packaging requirements

Resistance to hot filling or pasteurisation cycle

Vacuum resistance (mayonnaise, paste products)

Oxygen barrier (tomato sauces and sauces in general)

Water barrier for dry products (spices, biscuits, ground coffee)

Filling temperature and pasteurisation cycle > 92°C

Material: 100% PET, 100% OPP
Shapes: round, square, oval, jars, heat resistant jars
Size: from 200 to 1600 ml
Neck diameter: from 50 to 110 mm
Heat set & pasteurisable containers: many of these products are hot filled or pasteurised to eliminate the bacterial load. SIPA has developed solutions with special necks and bottles with particular shapes for this type of filling, that reduce weight or eliminate the need to use expensive labels. Recently, SIPA developed a new technology for the production of containers capable of standing up to extremely high filling and pasteurisation temperatures, > 92°C, allowing an extension of the range of products that can be bottled in PET rather than glass, and offering unbreakability and a reduction in packaging weight
Wide mouth jars: Here again, conversion from glass covers the majority of the applications for this type of container. The use of jars is mainly dedicated to various food applications in which the human hand or a spoon must be permitted to enter the container to pick up the content. In particular it is important that when you spoon the content, the neck finish is easy to clean internally, in order to avoid leaving residue on it. Conversion from glass jars covers most of the applications for these containers. The main characteristics required for these jars are vacuum resistance and reduced neck finish ovality
Barrier containers:In order to prolong product shelf life, containers can be produced with different types of barrier. To enhance light, humidity, CO2 and oxygen barrier properties of every type of plastic container, several solutions are available: the bottles can be produced with the addition of barrier agents blended with the resin (nylon MXD6, EVOH, oxygen scavengers) or from multilayer preforms (PET+EVOH, PET + Nylon or PET+Nylon+barrier additive)
Polypropylene containers: PP is an interesting resin thanks to its peculiar features: water barrier, high temperature resistance and chemical inertia. For this reason, PP can access markets where PET is not indicated. Thanks to its high temperature resistance, PP is also highly suitable when a high hot filling temperature is required or steam sterilisation (at 121°C) is needed, e.g. medical and pharmaceutical and baby food industries. It is also suitable for applications requiring high humidity barrier performance, e.g. powder and soluble food

These are the most significant machines for this application

SIPA's products include a wide range of solutions for the manufacture of preforms and containers, filling, process and secondary packaging, able to satisfy all the needs of the food products market in terms of bottle shapes, products and productivity.