Volumetric gravity filling monoblock for large size containers

Bigfill is an electronic rotary volumetric filler for bottling still liquid products in large PET bottles. The machine is optimized for moving and filling large formats (up to 20 litres)


  • No contact between valve and bottle.
  • High flow performance and filling speed modulation to optimize the large size filling process.
  • High bottled product precision
  • Extremely clean and simple filling valve.
  • Automatically engaged dummy bottles.
  • Valves made entirely of AISI 316 stainless steel.

Electronic volumetric gravity filler for big size bottles

Bigfill (mass flowmeter)

Electronic volumetric gravity filler for big size bottles, with mass flowmeter for low conductivity products

Process phases : main features and advantages

  • External tank
  • Valve with magnetic flow meter for definition of the content in the bottle.
  • Designed for filling large formats (from 3 to 20 litres).
  • No filling tube.
  • During filling, the bottle is kept in position by a mechanical gripper.
  • Inside the monoblock, the full bottles of over 5 lt are moved by the bottom.
  • Simple to operate with selection of the various formats directly from the operator panel.
  • Controlled contamination cabin and cap sterilizing unit available in option in order to enhance hygienic standards.
  • It can be produced with microbiological isolators, thereby minimising the filling environment around the container.

  • Extremely clean filling: no contact between valve and bottle.
  • High filling speed.
  • High content precision.
  • The air in the bottle does not come into contact with the product feeding circuit.
  • Automatically engaged dummy bottles.
  • All parts in contact with the product are made of AISI 316L steel.
  • Simplified access for maintenance of the motor and the manifold
  • Latest generation of electronic/pneumatic components, managed by an industrial PC.

  • 3-positions diaphragm valve with flow partialization.
  • No contact electronic valve with volumetric filling controlled by a magnetic flow meter.
  • The partialization phase that precedes the final closing ensures high precision in the amount of liquid measured into the bottle.
  • The version with mass flow meter, ideal for viscous or low conductivity products, such as edible oil, deminaralised water, etc
  • The nozzle with wide pass-through sections was designed to obtain the highest flow through the mouth of the bottle and minimize the turbulence of the product particularly during the final phase of filling to the top.

  • Extreme sanitizability is one of the most important elements of this valve, characterized by a limited number of components and of moving parts.
  • The sanitation phase is very simple and is managed fully automatically through a control on the communication keyboard: the cycle is carried out in such a way that the solution laps against all the internal areas of the filler with forced flows.
  • Thanks to the configuration of the filling valve, the filler features an automatic engagement/disengagement system with extremely simple and functional electro-pneumatic control, which ensures there is no contact between operator and machine. .
  • Circuit preset for CIP and SIP up to 100 °C.


The filler is designed for PET bottles filling.


Large size PET Bottles:from 3to 20 L


Bigfill - massic option


Filler from 12 to 24 valves
from 2,800 to 10,500b/hour on 5 litres with water


The main products that can be processed are: :non-carbonated mineral water, demineralized water and edible oil

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