PET preform injection manufacturing: setting a new standard

XFORM GEN4 XP technology aims to target the most demanding applications, guaranteeing the highest preform quality and process consistency at the lowest manufacturing cost.

While CEOs will benefits from possibly the lowest conversion cost in the industry coming from extremely fast cycle time, record-high energy efficiency, lower-in-the-industry maintenance costs and full flexibility in using legacy tooling, operators will enjoy a brand new experience, thanks to the totally redesigned 21.5" HMI, self-setting process set-up, preform troubleshooting tutorial which ultimately deliver a top-level user friendliness.


  • Fast lock to lock which leads to faster cycle time
  • Energy efficient: less than 0.195 KW/Kg of resin processed
  • Cost for maintenance less than 1%/year for the first 5 years of operation
  • Easy changeover: higher up time
  • Designed to target the most demanding applications
  • Heavy and wide mouth preforms production with a dedicated kit
  • Up to 100% PCR pellet and 50% PCR flakes process with the lowest throughput drop
  • Fully compatible with virtually all legacy tooling: no incremental capex
  • Better preform quality: less material stress
  • Higher injection rate for the production of thin wall preforms
  • Revolutionary FlexCool™ PMC system for efficient cooling
  • New HMI including self-setting process set-up and troubleshooting tutorial
XFORM 500 for large size preforms

Long preforms in PET production system


XFORM GEN4 XP: the lowest conversion cost alongside unmatched speed, flexibility and ease of use


XFORM 500 GEN4 system equipped with a 180Cav tooling running at a cycle time of 5.4 seconds. NO VIBRATIONS AT ALL!


XFORM 500 GEN4 XP with 180 cavities mold. The system gives you the freedom to handle virtually all molds from all leading preform mold manufacturers

Process steps: main features & benefits

Injection system
  • Servo-driven
  • Continuous low-speed screw rotation:
    • No power peaks for screw restart, lower energy consumption
    • @ 700 kg/h (0.80 IV): 34 RPM
    • Lower stress on the material
    • Lower IV drop (< 0.015 dl/g)
    • Lower AA generated by the extruder
  • Possibility to use color up to 4% with NO throughput drop
  • 4 shooting pot designs:
    • P105: 4.200 g
    • P125: 6.000 g
    • P140: 7.500 g
    • P145: 8.200 g
  • 2 screw designs:
    • 120mm: up to 1.000 kg/h (low IV)
    • 140mm: up to 1.400 kg/h (low IV)
  • Best-in-class injection system for PCR (flakes) applications: the lowest throughput drop @ 50% PCR

Durable clamp design
  • Very smooth closing profile
    • less stress to the tooling components in the clamp closing phase
    • less vibrations, affecting overall system reliability in the long term
  • Perfect cleanliness
    • durable clamp concept with encapsulated toggle levers & linear guidance of the moving platen
  • Low machine and mold service costs
    • no high-pressure hydraulic cylinder to rebuild periodically
    • durable clamp design allows for very low maintenance costs
    • best-in-class platen parallelism for long mold life
  • High platen thickness for virtually no deflection & extended mold life
  • Even tonnage distribution in all toggle links
  • Active mold protection system, monitoring clamp closing profile at every cycle

Injection Mold
  • We design preform molds featuring:
    • Largest operating window
    • Maximized part quality
    • Reduced maintenance cost
    • Wear-resistant coating to grant a longer mold live
    • Optimized cooling layout to support fast cycle times and save energy costs
    • Lowest mold platen deformation, precision and reliability
  • Our hot runner systems deliver:
    • Xflow™technology with low pressure drop: best in class balancing
    • Increased injection speed, shorter cycle time
    • Optimal preform weight distribution
    • Thanks to the smoothed channels extremely low PET degradation and avoided dead spots (lowAA)
    • Easy maintenance
  • Ourcold half delivers:
    • Proprietary LongLife™ technology: range of solutions capable to extend component life for preform mold cold halves.11 million life cycles guaranteed (flash < 0.2mm) without need of components refurbishing
    • Significant reduction of refurbishment costs
    • ProprietaryXMould™ technology: Sipa innovation which allows reducing the friction between the molten PET and the molding surface of the injection stacks during the injection phase. Two major advantages: shorter cycle times and ultra thin preform molding capability
    • SmartLock™ stack design for unprecedented cooling for short-neck preforms

Post-mold cooling
  • Cooling air flows from the neck to the gate:
    • cooler air inside the preform = better body and neck cooling
    • pin follows the preform geometry=higher air speed, better cooling effect
    • pin very close to the dome =better base cooling
    • no need to cool air with separate dehumidifier =less energy
  • Air cooler at the outlet of the transfer box to decrease air temperature for better preform internal cooling
  • Air intake: 20°C
  • Preform transfer system is independent from the clamp movement:
    • better accessibility during mold changeover
    • higher flexibility in adjusting the transfer box speed for guaranteed part removal
  • Preform transfer system supported by 2 points:
    • less stress on the whole structure
    • no risk of misalignment with EOAT
  • Excellent accessibility to non-operator side for mold changeover: up to 1m access


  • PET
  • OPP
  • PLA
  • rPET


  • Thin-wall preforms(for lightweight bottles for mineral water, edible oil)
  • Thick-wall preforms (for carbonated beverages)
  • Preforms for heat set bottles
  • Wide mouth preforms for jars
  • Long preforms for large size containers


Preform production systems series XFORM 250, 350 and 500 GEN4 can produce a wide range of preforms with excellent performance. 










XFORM 500 24-200 up to 160,000  28-80 mm 33-82 mm  26-78 mm
XFORM 350 16-128 up to 102,400 30-80 mm 34-82 mm  29-78 mm
XFORM 250 8-96 up to 76,800 30-80 mm 34-82 mm  29-78 mm

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