Non-food products

Sipa includes in this category of products all solutions for detergents, personal care, chemicals and pharmaceutical products, for each of which it is necessary to identify compatibility and specific needs and operating requirements. Here again we are in the presence of a wide range of very different products to be handled, and of very different containers, that often include special components such as features to allow pouring or dispensing of the product. In this context, Sipa can take advantage of its great experience and ability to create special and innovative containers.
Sipa also offers very high performance, precise filling solutions, using the most modern and reliable quantity control technology for the bottled product, both weight filling and mass flow meters.
Thanks to its considerable engineering skills, Sipa is able to design complete, integrated, reliable and high performance lines of widely varying types. Given this extreme variability in operating conditions and requirements, it is sometimes necessary to integrate highly customised components, suitable to meet the most diverse needs.


Detergents, cosmetics, motor oil, paints, home and personal care.

Main packaging requirements

High ovality ratios

Centred and off-centred necks

Non-standard necks

Preferential heating with or without neck orientation

Ergonomic shapes

Material: PET, recycled PET, reground PET, OPP
Shapes: round, square, oval, symmetrical & asymmetrical, proprietary
Size: from 100 ml to 20 litres
Neck diameter: from 14 mm to 165 mm
Oval containers: Oval container means a container with different base length and width. It can be centred neck or off-centred neck. The technological challenge in the production of oval containers is to achieve a uniform material distribution all around the bottle. The technology required to compensate the different radial stretching ratio on the short and long sides of the bottle makes use of a preferential heating oven equipped with infra-red lamps dedicated to reheat the preforms asymmetrically: in the oven the preforms do not rotate, so the re-heating process is concentrated on two opposite sides. Some containers also require the thread to be oriented, as special closures are to be applied. This is the case for many bottles for detergents, equipped with trigger sprayers that are to be oriented in the direction of the short side. In order to give the thread the proper position compared to the bottle, the machine producing the container is equipped with a special system to orient the preforms in the correct position before entering the preferential heating oven
Large sizes: PET is becoming the most flexible and cost effective solution for the manufacturing of large size containers, from 5 to 30 litres, for chemical products. Wide mouth jars: wide mouth containers are frequently required for the cosmetics sector
Jars: wide mouth containers are frequently required for the cosmetics sector

These are the most significant machines for this application

SIPA's products include a wide range of solutions for the manufacture of preforms and containers, filling, process and secondary packaging, able to satisfy all the needs of the "non-food" products market in terms of bottle shapes, products and productivity.