Digital services

An innovative digital ecosystem that connects people, businesses and resources.

SIPA puts its world at the service of customers with a new digital ecosystem, to bring them into Digital Transformation and make them part of Industry 4.0.

Its name is Echo and it is the new digital ecosystem created to connect people, businesses and resources in an interactive environment based on total skill sharing. Transparency, accessibility and usability of the information are the points that guide our journey to more intelligent productivity. Thanks to many services and a unique communication channel, Echo allows you to always have full control and monitoring of the performance of plants and B2B post-sales processes by making available to its customer a whole series of new digital technologies, services and information on its installed fleet. It enables to shorten the distances and management times of services, also translating into optimization of plant efficiency and management costs. A true partnership with SIPA based on the total sharing of skills.


"Echo: a world within a world"


A cloud platform to access information on the entire fleet of SIPA machines anywhere and at any time. A data collection hub that can be used easily and immediately by a single source, in a interactive environment created to optimise efficiency in the entire manufacturing process. All this to have a total control of performance with the possibility of improving and streamlining processes and communication.



The heart of the infrastructure, allowing safe and certified connection between people and technology, by accessing IoT and numerous other cloud services using the Echo platform. It is the essential network component to guarantee the connectivity of each system, monitor machine performance and receive real time technical support. 


3 teleservice



The remote assistance solution that significantly reduces technical support response times and eliminates all the costs relating to transfers, thanks to the fact that it is possible to interact directly with the SIPA machines. Teleservice also comes with XRAY, the Augmented Reality tool that makes it possible to intervene from a distance using a simple visual interface from a smart phone, tablet and smart glasses.





A safe, high performance and customisable platform for efficient organisation of all the processes involved in stock management, allowing the user to know the state of stock and inventory at all times, analyse the data and make all the work flows faster.




A cutting-edge solution that involves every operating phase and enhances the manufacturing performance of the machines. The XDATA supervisor provides essential information to speed up processes, improve quality with continual analysis and immediate reports, identify any operating problems and deal with them in real time.


A universal communication interface allowing connection of the machine to the higher level data acquisition systems (MES) and the data that can be exported. As well as Mobdus and Weihenstephan standards, XCHANGE allows implementation of other protocols to satisfy any specific need.



1 Immagine per Digital2

 The advantages of ECHO system:

  • A customizable dashboard for real-time monitoring of processes
  • Remote production graph and data management for clear information on trends and performances
  • Predictive statistical analysis of anomalies and reduction of production downtime
  • Minimisation of maintenance
  • Rapid remote assistance thanks to Augmented Reality
  • On-line availability of the technical documentation
  • 3D spare parts interactive catalogue and e-commerce management of online orders
  • Mangement of the spare parts warehouse, minimum stocks and monitoring of shipments
  • Technological upgrades available and constantly updated
  • Management and monitoring of Offers and Orders
  • Specialized training on installed technologies and processes

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