Juice, tea, isotonic

The juices and functional drinks sector has seen the greatest changes in recent years, with diversification of its product range to satisfy the requests of end consumers for natural products, designed for well-being and healthy living, without forgetting the explosion in popularity of various teas and isotonic products.
These are all still products that are sensitive to microbiological spoilage: this means it is necessary to design solutions capable of guaranteeing high control of the bacterial level, to give a safe product with a good shelf-life.
Sipa offers flexible and integrated solutions to manage hot filled (clear or with pulp), cold filled or ultra-clean filling products, also including pasteurisation treatment, for total control over all process phases: from production of the preform and the container, to product treatment and filling, up to the final palletisation. The range also includes all the elements typical of a hot filling line, such as the tilting devices for internal sterilisation of caps and the cooling tunnels.
Particular care was taken during the design phase to management of products with pulps and fibres, including large fibres, both in the single stream and in the double stream version (with volumetric dosing unit integrated into the monobloc).
Our great experience in container design and management of the entire hot fill process has allowed us to create innovative lines with nitrogen dosing or highly flexible multi-product solutions, allowing both carbonated and hot fill products to be filled on the same bottling line.
The broadness of the range of technologies we can offer and the ability to customise our solutions for PET bottle hot filling lines means we can provide the best possible response to the requirements of such a diverse market.


Juices, nectars, RTD tea, functional drinks, isotonic and sports drinks. We are able to manage a vast range of products, both clear and with pulp and fibre, hot or cold filled.

Main packaging requirements

Oxygen barrier (for some products)

UV and visible light barrier (for some products)

Heat resistant bottles

Pasteurisable bottles

Material: PET, barrier PET, OPP, barrier OPP
Barrier container: To enhance light, humidity and oxygen barrier properties , the bottles can be produced with the addition of barrier agents blended with the resin (nylon MXD6, EVOH, oxygen scavengers) or with the production of multilayer containers (PET+EVOH, PET+Nylon, PET+Nylon+scavenger).
Heat Set and pasteurisable containers: SIPA offers many solutions for containers capable of resisting to hot fill (warm fill up to 75°C, hot fill up to 92 °C) or pasteurisation temperatures. SIPA is at the forefront of hot fill bottle design, with the lightest weights currently available on the market, above all in the neck area, guaranteeing the same performance as heavier containers. The panel area has also been optimised, with design solutions that allow more flexibility in the labelling and more attractive packaging.
Shape: customised, round, square, asymmetrical, heat set, pasteurisable
Size: from 250 ml to 4 litres
Neck diameter: from 28 mm to 43 mm

These are the most significant machines for this application

SIPA's products include a wide range of solutions for the manufacture of preforms and containers, filling, process and secondary packaging, able to satisfy all the needs of the juice market in terms of bottle shapes, products and productivity.

Complete line for Hot Fill

Complete bottling line for Nitro Hot Fill products