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Across South America, Arca Continental Lindley stays with the SIPA standard

SIPA has installed a major new bottle blowing and filling line for juices and tonics at Arca Continental Lindley’s plant in Lima, Peru. This follows a trend that the major soft drinks bottling company has already set in other South American countries.

Arca Continental Lindley – or just Lindley – has been in business for well over a century, and now has seven plants around the country, producing soft drinks, water, juices, isotonics and energizers. Best known for its Inca Kola, the top-selling soft drink in Peru, it is also the official bottler and distributor of all Coca-Cola products in Peru. Now, it is using the new SIPA bottling line for Frugos nectar and Powerade sports drink products, in various formats from 300mL up to 1L.

SIPA’s Key Account Manager for Coca Cola says the SIPA system provides Lindley with an important advantage of being able to standardize its hot filling lines across South America. “We had already installed hot-filling lines for the group in Ecuador and Argentina,” he says. “Lindley was very satisfied with both of them, so it made a lot of sense to extend its partnership with us.”

The principal elements of the latest line are an SFR24 EVO stretch-blow molding unit, a Flextronic SE 108 volumetric gravity filler, and a Genius-PTF Fastlayer palletizer. Lindley is making the most of the filling unit’s flexibility, with its ability to handle a wide range of non-carbonated drinks, including hot-fill liquids.

The Flextronic SE 108 monobloc is particularly adept at operating in ultra-clean configurations. It is suitable for sensitive products such as premium fruit juices containing non-homogenized pulp. Hot-fill applications work with in-valve recirculation.

Each valve is provided with a magnetic flow meter and a pneumatic shutter valve: the movement of thefilling tube is protected by a membrane in compliance with the highest hygiene standards. A secondpneumatic valve regulates the double filling speed to optimize the filling cycle.