Blowing moulds

Where preforms become containers

SIPA supplies blow moulds for the beverage, food, and consumer goods industry to fit most of the major brands of re-heat stretch blow moulder machines. Our blowing specialists can advise you on how to achieve the best possible bottle quality even before the start of the production.
In our laboratories, extensive tests and inspections are performed on both molds and sample bottles through high-quality measuring and testing equipment.
SIPA produces aluminum and stainless steel moulds for any application and any shape of container (round, oval, square, complex-shaped) with a wide variety of engravings and decorations.


  • Our blowing moulds fully exploitSIPA's deep knowlege of the complete container production process
  • Container design service available both from aestetical and performance point of view
  • Innovative solution to reduce consumptions and improve theformation of complex shapes: XVENT
  • Optimization of production costs
  • Weight reduction

XVENT is a patented innovation related to special vents design on blow moulds (body and base mold). The strategic positioning of the vents in the most critical areas helps to exhaust the air between bottle-wall and mould-inner-surface more easily and faster; this permits a better formation of complex shapes and allows a reduction of blow pressure during bottle production.


Our Portfolio Includes
  • Molds for linear blow molders
  • Mono-block molds for rotary blow molders
  • Quick-change molds (shell molds) for rotary blow molders
  • Quick-change conversion system with mother mold and quick-change shell molds
  • Interchangeability kits to make quick-change molds compatible with different types of blow molders


SIPA supplies blowing moulds for a wide range of applications in the field of beverages, food and non-food products: still and sparkling mineral water, carbonated soft drinks, milk and dairy products, juices, rtd tea and coffe, isotonic drinks, beer and liquors, detergents, personal care, chemicals, edible oil, sauces and dressing, etc. 

CAVITY (aluminum-heat set)ALUMINUM ALLOY 5xxx or equivalentANODYZING if required
CAVITY (stainless steel)CRS 420 seriesHARDENED AND TEMPERED
BASE (stainless steel)CRS 420 seriesHARDENED AND TEMPERED

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