Mineral water

Mineral water bottling lines are characterised by very high productivity, high levels of efficiency and a great variety of containers to be handled: from small single-serve sizes (200 ml) to large 18-20 litre sizes for water dispensers.
The packaging must be attractive, original and with a strong product identity, to offer good visibility in an increasingly competitive market. As well as the aesthetic appearance, functional and ergonomic aspects also play an important role.
Sipa is able to provide incomparable consultancy during development of the packaging, thanks to a wide experience in designing and manufacturing of preforms and containers, and above all to an ongoing commitment to research and development of ever new, high performance and innovative packaging solutions.

Water is a delicate product that is sensitive to changes in taste and smell. For this reason Sipa lines are designed to guarantee high standards of cleanliness and sanitation. Furthermore, considering the generally low cost of the filled product, great attention is given to reducing the management costs of these types of lines, together with the cost of the container (lightened necks and bottles, by designing a dedicated preform or optimising the production process for existing ones) and that of consumables in general.
Particularly suitable for this sector is the Sincro Bloc: an integrated blowing/filling/capping system that, both using rotary or linear blowers, guarantees a series of logistic advantages, high levels of hygiene, flexibility, reduction in consumption and it is the best solution to handle ultra light-weight bottles.

Our great packaging experience and top class technological solutions enable us to create complete mineral water systems that are flexible, reliable and high performance, maintaining the quality and safety of the bottled product and allowing differentiation and profitability targets to be met.


Still and sparkling spring and mineral water, flavoured water, functional water, distilled water.

PET is the preferred packaging material, it is transparent like glass but it is light-weight, unbreakable and can easily be customised into a wide variety of shapes.

Main packaging requirements

Attractive packaging and unique shape design

Lightweight (find best weight-mechanical resistance ratio)

Ergonomic shapes to improve the consumer's grip

Large convenience sizes, and dispenser containers

The ability to design innovative packaging, to optimise weight and to manufacture preforms and containers even for large sizes are key for this application.

  • Italian design that combines bottle aesthetics and mechanical performance
  • Lightweight packaging. Finding the best compromise between lightest possible weight and mechanical resistance, to support filling line handling, storage and transportation and to guarantee the shelf-life
  • New neck and new base design, to reduce weight where it is not needed and to improve container stability
  • Ergonomic shape to improve the consumer’s grip also in case of lightweight bottles
  • Wide range of solutions for large size containers (from 5 to 20 litres): stackable, self-collapsible, returnable or one-way 5 gallon containers for dispensers, innovative handle solutions

Material: PET, recycled and reground PET, bio-based resins
Shape: round, square or proprietary shapes
Size: from 150 ml to 20 litres
Neck diameter: from 24 mm to 55 mm

These are the most significant machines for this application

SIPA's products include a wide range of solutions for the manufacture of preforms and containers, filling, process and secondary packaging, able to satisfy all the needs of the mineral water market in terms of bottle shapes, products and productivity.

Complete line for water

Complete bottling lines for PET bottle for still mineral water.

Complete bottling line for SMW.