Edible oil

Edible oil is a product with a high added value, so great consideration must be given to precision and accuracy during the filling phase. Furthermore, the viscosity of the product requires the use of appropriate filling methods. Sipa offers high performance, precise filling solutions, using the most modern and reliable quantity control technology for the bottled product, both with weight filling and mass flow meters. Again taking into account the intrinsic value of the product, great care has been taken in reducing product waste during the end of batch and aroma change phases, by means of various solutions such as drainage, tanks with inclined base and top feeding, recovery tanks.
Sipa is able to supply complete lines for any type of edible oil: from production of the preform and container all the way to final packaging, which allows the use of a wide range of containers, both large and small, even with special shapes, including those fitted with an integrated handle.
Of great interest in this sector are Sincro Bloc configurations (blowing - filling - capping), which, along with all the typical advantages of this option, are particularly appreciated because they guarantee a high level of container hygiene, without the need for rinsing before filling.


Edible vegetable oil, extra-virgin olive oil.

The characteristics of the container are of great importance in order to preserve the cleanliness, visual appearance, taste and smell of the product.
Oil is a natural product, and certain types are particularly sensitive to air (oxygen) and light. Extra virgin olive oil in particular must be protected from the light and from UV radiation to prevent the formation of radicals, particularly those deriving from Riboflavin (vitamin B2), which cause oxidation and deterioration of the extra-virgin oil's organoleptics. This means it is advisable for the container to be coloured ( green is typical ideal colour for extra virgin olive oil) and with a certain weight/thickness to guarantee it will last until expiry date.
Above all, for large sizes (five litres and above) it is important to work on the ergonomics of the container, and whenever possible to reduce and optimise its weight. SIPA has developed a solution for automatic insertion of handles and special grips to facilitate pick-up.

Main packaging requirements

Attractive packaging for strong product identity & visibility

Lightweight packaging with an optimal mechanical resistance

Ergonomic shapes to improve the consumer's grip

Large size containers, with or without handle

Light barrier for extra virgin olive oil

The ability to design innovative packaging and to manufacture preforms and containers also for large sizes are key features of our expertise in this market.

  • Ergonomic shapes to improve the consumer's grip.
  • Vast range of solutions for large size containers: PET is becoming the most flexible and cost effective material for the manufacture of large size containers. 5 to 10 litre PET containers for edible oil are standard in the market. Nowadays, PET solutions for converting tin plate or HDPE cans and jars, for 15 litres, 20 litres and even 30 litres, assure very important cost savings in raw materials and in investments for production technology.
  • Packaging solutions with automatic insertion of side handles.
  • Stackable packaging solutions from 10 to 30 litres to save space and reduce palletising costs.

Material: PET, reground PET, recycled PET
Shapes: customised, round, square, oval (centred or off-centred neck), stackable.
Size: from 200 ml to 30 litres
Neck diameter: from 19 mm to 77 mm
Lightweight packaging: Find the best compromise between extreme light-weight and mechanical resistance, to support filling line handling, storage and transportation.

These are the most significant machines for this application

SIPA's products include a wide range of solutions for the manufacture of preforms and containers, filling, process and secondary packaging, able to satisfy all the needs of the edible oil market in terms of bottle shapes, products and productivity.

Edible oil complete line

Complete bottling lines for PET bottle for edible oil.