Isobaric filling monoblock for carbonated beverages in PET bottles

Mechanical level filler for carbonated products in PET bottles, was designed adopting advanced technologies. It has an innovative design and is equipped with special features for both filling and moving the bottles, which guarantee great advantages in terms of performance and operating flexibility. The valve is also able to fill non-carbonated products.


  • Reliable, simple and easily sanitized valve.
  • Valve with height adjustable moving filling tube to define the level in the bottle.
  • Automatically engaged dummy bottles.
  • Foam reduction solutions allow excellent filling performances even at ambient temperature.
  • Reduced changeover down-times.
  • Valves made entirely of AISI 316 stainless steel.
Isofill P

Isobaric filling monobloc for CSD in PET bottles

Process phases : main features and advantages

  • Central tank.
  • Entirely stainless steel (grade 304) draining base.
  • Valve with height adjustable moving filling tube to define the level in the bottle.
  • Reliable, simple and easily sanitized valve.
  • Reduced changeover down-times.
  • PET bottle transfer - neck-handling - with no need for monobloc height adjustment
  • Sincro Bloc configuration available, for an integrated blowing- filling-capping solution.
  • Controlled contamination cabin and cap sterilizing unit available in option in order to enhance hygienic standards.

  • Product deflection without deflector (swirling device).
  • A single filling tube for all the bottle sizes.
  • Automatically engaged dummy bottles.
  • Manifolded decompression carried out with the filling tube raised.
  • Quick changeover for packages with different neck and bottle diameters.

  • A mechanical level valve with extremely reliable and sturdy moving filling tube, which requires very little maintenance.
  • It consists of a limited number of components and has been designed for a complete sanification, to avoid every possible area of product stagnation.
  • The valve is extremely versatile and allows different containers to be handled without format change parts. The only adjustment is the re-positioning of the filling tube that takes place simultaneously for all the valves with a centralized control.
  • The valve is complete with decompression button and centralized circuit for discharge of the snift. This operation takes place with the filling tube lifted and allows initial pressurization of the bottle and final de-pressurization to be carried out in clean filling tube conditions, so avoiding possible turbulence caused by nebulized product put into the bottle.
  • Available in option a second circuit for bottle fluxing and pre-evacuation.

  • The sanitation phase is very simple and is fully automatic, by means of a control on the operator panel: the machine prepares itself for the electro-pneumatic control of all the on-off valves.
  • The sanitation cycle is carried out in such a way that the solution laps against all the internal areas of the filler with forced flows.
  • Automatic dummy bottles:Thanks to the moving filling tube that characterizes the filling valve, it was possible to make an engagement/disengagement system with extremely simple and functional electro-pneumatic control that ensures there is no contact between operator and machine.
  • Circuit preset for high temperature CIP.


PET Bottles from 0,125 to 3000 ml


The filler is designed for PET bottles filling.


Isofill P: for PET bottles


Fillers with from 20 to 140 valves
from 3,900 to 30,000 b/hour on 1.5 litres with CSD (13°C).


The main products that can be processed are:  carbonated mineral water and CSDs, still mineral water, clear cold filled juices, cold filled isotonic and sport drinks, beer.