Integrated Preform Production / Rotary Blowing / Filling+Capping

​The XTREME Sincro Cube system is the ultimate in process integration that combines preform production, bottle blowing, and filling and capping.
 It can be configured for all kinds of products: still and carbonated, cold-fill and hot-fill, with and without pulp, sensitive products (including CSDs without preservatives) and value products such as edible oil, milk and derivates, premium clear juices, home, and personal care products.
 This solution is compact, flexible and easy to operate – easy enough, in fact, to allow it to be operated by fewer operators than alternative systems configured for the same job. It is of course extremely energy-efficient. With the additional benefit of elimination of preform handling, total overall costs are significantly lower, while the quality of the finished bottle is better.


  • Offers the advantages of the 1-step system
  • The flexibility of 2-step system
  • Clean solution
  • Extremely cost-efficient
  • Easy to manage
  • Compact
  • Single thermal cycle allows for extremely low consumption
  • Bottle lightweight possibilities

Process steps: main features & benefits

Preforms production
XTREME Sincro Cube incorporates perform production through the revolutionary XTREME injection-compression preform molding system. XTREME allows the highest L /t ratios in the industry, enabling unique lightweight capabilities with no performance loss. Much lower injection pressure reduces material stress, AA levels, and energy consumption. XTREME features a 100% preform inspection capability, has a compact footprint and, most important, it is clean as it’s the first high-output preform system totally oil-free.
Bottles bolowing
SIPA rotary blow molding machines are designed to assure high process flexibility at high production rates. With SIPA rotary machines, users can produce standard containers at rates of 2,550 bottle/hour/ cavity, complex custom containers such as Heat Set containers for Hot filling at rates up to 2,000 b/hour/cavity, or handling and blowing of very light containers. Thanks to the SIPA rotary blowmolders’ optimized oven ventilation system and simple and slow preform handling kinetics, the handling of light bottle necks remains easy even at such high production rates.
Filling & capping
XTREME Sincro Cube is extremely versatile in this process phase: the choice of filler, in fact, simply depends on the type of product to be filled. The complete range of fillers can be matched with the rotary blowmolder: isobaric fillers, gravity fillers and hot fillers, both mechanical level and electronic volumetric versions, including the weight filling solution.


  • PET
  • rPET


The innovative features of Sipa Xtreme, blowers and fillers, combined with the high level of hygiene typical of Sincro Bloc systems, make this solution perfectly suitable for most products: still or carbonated beverages, cold or hot-filled sensitive products with or without pulps(including CSD without preservatives) as well as premium products requiring weight filling.

Production range

XTREME 96/249624100130054,0000.953L6038150
XTREME 96/20962080130045,0000.953L6038150
XTREME 72/20722080100045,0000.953L6038150
XTREME 72/16721660100036,0000.953L6038150