SFL for LARGE SIZE containers

Linear blowers: the best manufacturing solution for large size PET containers

The SFL BIG and SFL MAXI linear blowers are the response for small- and medium-scale production of containers anywhere from 12 to 30 liters in size, dedicated to sectors like mineral water, edible and mineral oil, beer, wine and household chemicals.
Both platforms are ideal for the production of returnable or one-way containers for water dispensers, stackable/one-way containers, kegs for beer and a wide range of large size containers, with neck wide finishes. A special feature is the automatic insertion of the handle inside the blowing mold.


  • Low initial investment and running costs
  • Best in class equipment
  • Extremely quick installation and start-up time
  • Technologically advanced machines
  • User friendly technology with full process control
  • Quick mold changeover (30 minutes)
  • Easily accessible area at the front of the machine for mold changeover and maintenance
  • Very compact layout

Linear blowmolder for Large size containers production

Process steps: main features & benefits

Preform feeding
  • The preforms are discharged in bulk from octabins into the preform hopper
  • A soft drop preform octabin tilter is available as an option
  • From the hopper an elevator belt provides a continuous supply of preforms to a linear unscrambler
  • In the preform unscrambler, two counter rotating cylinders are aligning the preforms by gravity with the neck finish upward

Thermal conditioning
  • During the heating phase, the preforms are constantly rotated for a perfectly symmetrical distribution of heat
  • Ventilated ovens to maintain preforms internal temperature at a sufficiently low level, avoiding excessively high temperature on the external wall of the preforms
  • Two ovens in standard configuration, a third oven can be installed to increase heating time
  • Preforms are carried in front of 16 (sixteen) IR lamps on one side and mirrors having vertical slots on the other side
  • As option, 45° or 90° lamps are available in order to fit special preforms

  • The stretch and blowing phase is made within a toggle blowing press with pneumatic compensation
  • The axial stretching of the preforms is carried out by a servo-driven stretching rod that provides a high level of repeatability and consistency
  • Once the bottle is completely formed and the blowing air is exhausted, the mould opens and the blown bottle is evacuated by a linear transfer system electronically synchronized to the blowing press movement

Software control
  • The automation and control of the blowing machine is carried out by a SOFT PLC
  • A touch screen graphical interface allows to access to all the parameters for machine control, heating-blow moulding process, alarms and relative diagnostics and production statistics
  • A modem connection to the SIPA ON LINE is also provided for a remote customer support




  • 5 US Gal returnable water cooler bottles with or without handle
  • 5 US Gal one way water cooler bottles
  • 12 liters bottles with up to 48 mm neck
  • Stackable bottles up to 25 liters
  • Up to25 liters beer KEG
  • 10.5 liters warm filling container with 63 mm neck
  • One way collapsible bottles for water dispensers.


The SFL MAXI and SFL BIG are ideal for the production of large size containers both returnable and one-way for mineral water, beer, wine, edible and mineral oil as well as chemical products.

SFL BIG 6 6 5 8,400
SFL BIG 4 4 12 5,600
SFL MAXI 3 3 15 3,000
SFL MAXI 2 2 20 2,000
SFL MAXI 1 1 30 1,000

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