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Premium Waters Inc. appreciates SIPA’s XFORM preform production systems

LeadingUS water bottling company Premium Waters, headquartered in Minneapolis, recently invested in an XFORM 500 Gen4 system with a 128-cavity mold. Later on, in the following months, a further investment was done for a further XFORM 350 Gen 4 with a 96-cavity mold.

The new orders bring Premium Waters’ fleet of SIPA XFORM machines to seven. Last year, it took delivery of another XFORM 350 Gen4, complementing three existing XFORM 500 systems, and one XFORM 300. Premium Waters is a long-time valued partner for SIPA. Over the years, SIPA has provided it with over 25 systems of various types, for production of bottles as well as preforms, in various locations where Premium Waters operates.

Back in 2012, Premium Waters executives said they were impressed with the technology and the robust build of the new XFORM preform production machine. They liked the energy efficiency numbers, and they liked being able to use any of their existing molds with few modifications to react to volume changes.

As for today the US company still appreciate these features. Plus, with the introduction of each new generation, even more reasons to choose XFORM have been added. Today, XFORM Gen4 delivers the lowest conversion cost of any PET preform production system, alongside unmatched speed, flexibility and ease of use.

When it comes to PET preform tooling, there is often a lot more to it than just the mold. Indeed, one of the latest improvements is to preform handling: the XFORM system not only accepts non-SIPA molds and EOATs, it also accepts pin plates for preform cooling and removal coming from alternative suppliers.

Premium Waters knows a thing or two about bottling water. It got its name in 1994, but its roots go all the way back to 1870. Today, through organic growth and acquisitions, it has operations in several states in the USA. Premium Waters brands now include Chippewa Spring Water, Glacier Clear Purified Drinking Water, Glenwood-Inglewood Spring Water, Kandiyohi Premium Water, Nature’s Crystal, and Nicolet Natural Water. Premium Waters is also a major private label supplier.