Case histories



One of the largest plastics processors in Turkey has chosen SIPA technology for production of bottles used for a leading brand of sauce in the country. Özler Plastik uses a SFL4/4 EVO system to blow mold monolayer and multilayer bottles in three sizes: 250 g, 400 g and 650 g, with outputs reaching as high as 5000 bottles per hour.

Özler Plastik, headquartered in Avcılar, a district of İstanbul, chose SIPA for its particular competence in production systems for specialties such as these warm-fillable containers. It also appreciates the customer-oriented approach demonstrated by the SİPA team.

“SIPA provides strong after-sales service from its local branch in Turkey,” says Emine Tilmaç, SCM, Purchasing Manager at Özler Plastik. “This was the most critical point, especially during the COVID-19 pandemic. SIPA’s strong reputation in linear blow molding also had a strong effect on our decision.”

“We analysed the efficiency of processes on the SFL4/4 EVO and benchmarked its energy consumption. The result was top of the class. We are now obtaining stable production with high product quality.”

Says SİPA Turkey Branch General Manager Betül Boz Yöney: “The blowing process used by Özler Plastik to make its sauce containers requires neck orientation and preferential heating, in which SİPA has a very strong experience globally. I am very proud that the company decided to cooperate with us for such a strategic project.”

Özler Plastik was founded in 1951 and has six production facilities in Turkey, one production facility in France and one production facility in Spain, where it produces rigid packaging, including closure systems, for various consumer and industrial applications. It also has substantial capability in production of technical parts, especially for automotive, as well as for white goods. Özler Plastik has more than 100 delivery points all around the world. Last but certainly not least, the company has its own Technology and R&D Centre, with capabilities covering design and testing, as well as development for parts, tooling and machinery.

The company invests heavily in R&D, with strong emphasis on the European Green Deal, aimed at making the European Union climate neutral by 2050. “We have taken important steps in reducing our carbon footprint in a short time,” says R&D Director Mert Gülcan. Projects cover such areas as low weight packaging, use of bioplastics from organic waste, and renewable energy.