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Sincro TriBloc
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Sincro TriBloc
Sincro TriBloc - 2
Sincro TriBloc - 3
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  • Elimination of bottle rinser: thanks to direct connection between bottle blowmolder and filler.
  • Elimination of bottle air conveyors between blowmolder and filler.
  • Elimination of bottle belt conveyors between filler and labeler (bottles are blown, filled, capped and immediately labeled).
  • Very compact solution: -50% space vs. standard line lay-out.
  • Reduced operators number, maintenance, wear, stops,  and energy
  • Operative costs = - 15%

Integrated solution for blowing, labelling, filling and capping

Sincro-Tribloc is an innovative system that incorporates the production, labelling and filling/capping of PET containers in an integrated system..
Sincro TriBloc is a very compact solution, which allows to optimize both the initial capex (no buffer between the machines, no need of accumulation) and the operative costs (only one operator, less energy, optimized logistic, and reduced TCO). High performance and labeling quality: bottles are always perfectly dry (absence of moisture), moreover this solution guarantees the same label application quality during the whole cycle.

Still waterGravity filling6,000 – 54,000
Carbonated waterIsobaric filling6,000 – 54,000
CSDIsobaric filling6,000 – 54,00 0
Fruit juicesGravity cold and hot filling6,000 – 43,800
IsotonicsGravity cold and hot filling6,000 – 43,800
TeaGravity cold and hot filling6,000 – 43,800
Edible oilWeight filling7,500 – 30,000

Process steps: main features and advantages

The bottles are blown with SFR rotary blower range, that guarantee a very high production output (up to 2,250 bottle per hour per cavity). The main features of this blower are:
  • Simple and light transport chain (No rotation of chain axis and no preform pick-up spindle movement. Dry operation. Low maintenance. Snap on preform holder.)
  • Extremely performing oven: innovative oven ventilation; lower working temperature; low thermal inertia: heat process consistency; quick cold start-up 
  • Vertical opening mold: Reduced pitch between two molds (relevant space saving - 20 to 30%) for the blowing wheel; smaller diameter; lower inertial load and peripheral speed; simplified transfer wheels; preform & bottle centrifugal forces are very low (important for light-weight bottles)

Labelling is performed between bottle blowing and filling, this assure to label a perfectly dry container.
Adhesleeve is a labelling machine which uses preglued transparent or white roll-fed film with thicknesses lower than the films that are normally used on classic roll-Fed labellers with less weight as a result. It is an eco-friendly solution: the absence of hot melt makes the label free from any contamination, so 100% recyclable, together with the bottle and the cap. 
The machine features one cylinder only for label cutting and dispensing - no more critical passage between cutting and dispensing as is the case with classical Roll-Fed labellers.
The Adhesleeve technology achieves notable savings in terms of applied label costs, and contributes to enhancing the performance of both the labeller and the entire production line. Adhesleeve high efficiency makes this solution perfectly suitable for fully integrated configurations
Modular solutions, with the possibility to fill several products in the same filling line.
The complete range of fillers can be matched with the rotary blowmolder: isobaric fillers, gravity fillers and hot fillers, both mechanical level and electronic volumetric versions, including the weight filling solution
The fillers in the Flextronic range can be configured in Xfill version: this means that the carbonating or mixing unit tank will be used as a buffer tank for the filler, which no longer has the product tank on board.
Innovative and quick-change-over system
  • Overpressure sterile air cabins with contamination control equipped with HEPA filters. 
  • The transfer module and filler are pre-set for CIP/COP/SIP operations: a guarantee of the highest hygiene standards.
  • Solutions for the contamination reduction of preforms and caps.
  • Filling area protected by a Mini-Enclosure (isolator technology) for sensitive product handling. 

Depending on the different operating conditions, we have designed different solutions: 
It is a gravitational cap feeding system designed to guarantee the highest efficiency of the Sincro Bloc versions, according to the most advanced state-of-the-art.
The caps arrive already oriented to the top of the feeder and descent by simple gravity to cap chutes, without compressed air (clean feeding).
Twin/single Hopper
The Twin Hopper is composed of two cap hoppers and relevant descent channel to the pick and place. In the event of a blockage on the first, the system passes automatically to the second, allowing the operator to remove the blockage without stopping the capping operations until the machine is empty.
When using a single type of cap  the single hopper with reverse-rotation solution is available. 
Flat Buffer
This is a dynamic buffer, positioned between the hopper and the pick and place, 
and is composed of an horizontal rotating disk where a sufficient number of oriented caps is hold to guarantee an accumulation that allows the operator to clear the blockage and completely empty the system.


The innovative features of Sipa blowers and fillers, combined with the high level of hygiene typical of Sincro Bloc systems, make this solution perfectly suitable for most products: still or carbonated beverages, cold or hot filled sensitive products with or without pulps(including CSD without preservatives) as well as premium products requiring weight filling.

SINCRO TRIBLOC HELPS AJE GROUP out of a tight corner for water launch
REFERENCES 01/04/2011

SINCRO TRIBLOC HELPS AJE GROUP out of a tight corner for water launch

South American drinks giant Ajegroup is one of a growing number of companies using Sipa’s innovative Sincro Tribloc full...