Stillfill HR

Hot Filling Monobloc

It  is a mechanical gravity filling machine with recirculation for PET and glass bottles. Designed for HOT FILL (up to 95°C) and more generally for all non-carbonated beverages that require filling with recirculation.


  • Reliable, simple and easily sanitized valve.
  • Designed for hot filling, including brimful filling.
  • it is possible to keep the amount of re-circulated product stable regardless of the formats handled. Thanks to the pneumatic valve opening/closing control system, it is simply sufficient to set the bottle size in the operator panel.
  • Possibility of managing pulps and fibers, even big dimension ones.
  • Reduced changeover down-times
  • Valves made entirely of AISI 316 stainless steel

Process phases : main features and advantages

  • Feeding from the bottom of the central manifold for product distribution from an external tank.
  • Entirely stainless steel (grade 304) draining base.
  • External tank for recovery of recirculated product.
  • Reliable, simple and easily sanitized valve.
  • Reduced changeover down-times.
  • Pneumatic filling valve opening/closing controls, no electronics in the machine.
  • Very small recirculation amount in valve to maintain the temperature in the event of a machine stoppage.
  • PET bottle transfer - neck-handling - with no need for monoblock height adjustment.
  • Sincro Bloc configuration available, for an integrated blowing- filling-capping solution.
  • Controlled contamination cabin and cap sterilizing unit available in option in order to enhance hygienic standards.

  • Product deflection without deflector (swirling device).
  • Very small number of gaskets and seals..
  • Possibility of managing pulp up to 3 mm in diameter and 10 mm in length.
  • Constant and controlled recirculation in bottle.
  • Simple to operate.
  • Possibility of handling “ultralight” bottles.
  • Reduction of pressure in the bottle (no “fat-boy” or “splash out” effect).
  • The air returning from the bottle during filling is evacuated to the outside through the recirculation channel. No possible contamination of the product.
  • Valves made entirely of AISI 316 stainless steel.
  • Quick changeover for packages with different diameters.

  • Extremely fast, simple and reliable patented mechanical valve.
  • It is operated by a pneumatic control located inside the movement carriage,so allowing control of the opening and closing phases.
  • The control is not in contact with the product so as to prevent any possibility of contamination.
  • The valve allows filling with products containing large pieces of pulp and fibre. Possibility of filling “to brim”.
  • The filling process has been designed to maintain the temperature of the whole circuit (valves, tanks, pipes) even in the event of long stops.

  • No dynamic gaskets in contact with the product.
  • Small number of static gaskets, all fitted in open groove (and therefore fully sanitizable).
  • No wells or dead areas inside in order to prevent possible stagnation of product and increase efficiency of washing cycles.
  • The absence of springs in the down element of the valve is a fundamentally important aspect with regard to hygiene and maintenance.
  • Sanitation cycle with the use of dummy bottles. Fitting and removal of these takes place in an extremely simple and functional way by means of a special bayonet connection to avoid direct contact between operator and valve.
  • Circuit preset for high temperature CIP.


Bottles form 0,125 to 3000 ml in PET or Glass


The filler is designed for PET bottles filling, but can also be configured to handle glass bottles.


Stillfill R\HR P for PET containers
Stillfill R\HR V for glass containers


Fillers with from 16 to 120 valves
from 4,700 to 32,000 b/hour on 1.5 litres with fruit juice


The main products that can be processed are: fruit juice (with or without pulp),  RTD Tea, Isotonic  and sport drinks, Functional beverages.