SFR rotary blowing systems

The SFR EVO3 range of stretch blow molding machines improves output rates and performance

SIPA has a constant will to improve performance and efficiency of its products to bring savings and added value on customer's investments. SIPA has worked on its rotary blowmolding system SFR in order to improve output rates, TCO (Total Cost of Ownership), flexibility and efficiency. The result is the SFR EVO3: it is faster, more versatile, more efficient and it costs less to run.
SIPA rotary blow molding machines are designed to assure high process flexibility at the highest production rates
With our rotary machines, users can produce standard containers at rates of 2,250 bottles/hour/cavity, complex custom containers such as Heat Set containers for hot filling at rates up to 1,800 b/h/cavity, or handling and blowing of very light containers with extremely high preform stretch rations (above 15).
Thanks to the SIPA rotary SFR’s unique and optimum oven ventilation system and simple and slow preform handling kinetics, the handling of light and delicate neck finishes remains easy even at such high production rates.
The possible applications are numerous: mineral water, carbonated soft drinks, milk and milk based products, edible oil, fruit juices, isotonics and functional drinks, beer and liquors. 


  • The fastest production rates: up to 2,250 bottles/hour/cavity 
  • Wide process flexibility
  • Easy to use
  • Reduced air and energy consumptions
  • Reduced Total Cost of Ownership
  • Flexibility: Hot fill and Cold Fill with only a simple cavity change
  • Fast and easy mold changeover


Rotary stretch-blowmoulding systems model SFR EVO

Process steps: main features and advantages

Preforms loading
  • Star-wheel preform feeding system: pneumatic gate releases preforms into the star-wheel.
  • Preform is loaded onto the spindle (and not viceversa)
  • by means of cam track-driven grippers.
  • No chain axial movement.
  • Automatic ejection of wrongly – loaded preforms.
  • Quick star-wheel changeover
Preforms handling
  • Simple chain in special plastic material (SIPA patent).
  • Very low maintenance cost.
  • No rotation of chain around its axis and no movement up and down to collect the preform.
  • Dry operation (no grease).
  • Pitch = 45 mm: better efficiency of heating, shorter oven and possibility to blow up to 43 mm neck finish.
  • Quick tool-free spindle changeover when handling different preform neck.
  • Possibility to change chain pitch to blow neck up to 43 mm.
Thermal conditioning
  • Modular heating oven
  • Innovative ventilation through the lamps to maximize heat transfer by radiation (convection minimization).
  • Neck ventilation inside heating oven for light-weight effective neck cooling
  • 8 lamps (first 3 kW, the others 2 kW). Possibility to install all lamps of 3 kW, and an additional lamp for longer preforms.
  • Low thermal inertia: heat process consistency and quick cold start-up.
  • Laminar ventilation: better process stability (SIPA patent).
  • Low oven temperature: low consumption.
Preforms and bottles transfer
  • Preforms and bottle transfer with only one degree of freedom (tangential movement).
  • Simple transfer movement.
  • Only one cam needed.
  • Smaller diameter.
  • Preforms & bottles centrifugal forces are very low.
  • Soft and smooth manipulation of preform and bottle necks.
  • Very easy adjustment.
  • “Crocodile” mold opening.
  • Reduced pitch between two molds: relevant space saving (20 to 30%) for the blowing wheel compared to equivalent machines.
  • Smaller diameter.
  • Lower inertial load and peripheral speed.
  • Simplified transfer wheel, small diameter, lower peripheral speeds.
  • Easier to maintain - accessibility of key elements.
  • Shell mold, reversible modification to mount major competitors molds.
  • Quick molds change-over.
Bottles ejection
  • Bottles sent to ejection guides by means of a wheel and synchronized pincers.
  • Servo driven unit for bottle discharge.
  • Discharge on belt conveyor or air conveyor directly feeding the filling lines.
  • Bottle base cooling option in case of Sincro Bloc connection.


  • PET
  • OPP
  • PLA
  • Multilayer


  • Standard and custom
  • Lightweight
  • Heat Set for Hot fill and pasteurization
  • Ultra-Clean
  • Light barrier
  • Gas barrier
  • Humidity barrier
  • Aroma barrier
  • Active packaging


SFR rotary blow molding systems can produce bottles for a wide range of applications: still and carbonated water, soft drinks, fruit juices, isotonic and sport drinks, functional drinks, tea, milk and milk-based products, edible oil and alcoholic beverages.

Production range

SFR 24EVO324354,000
SFR 20EVO320345,000
SFR 16EVO316336,000
SFR 12EVO312327,000
SFR 10EVO310322,500
SFR 8EVO38318,000
SFR 6EVO36313,500

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