Refillable PET Bottles

Refillable PET Bottles

Main features:

This packaging gives you the following advantages:

  • Environmental friendly packaging.
  • Bottles can be filled in existing glass filling lines without need of adjustments.
  • Economically viable and cost competitive vs. one-way PET, provided a minimum number of trips are achieved.
  • Cost effective alterative to glass bottles.
  • Lighter and shatter-proof versus glass refillable bottles.


The target was to develop refillable bottles that meet standard tests and withstand the durability test (washing cycles) similar to the glass ones.
Weight reduction versus previous developed bottles was a major driver of this development.
Refillable bottles are used mainly for CSD products and are popular in Germany, in North Europe and in Latin America.

Development & challenges

  • Decrease the weight from original first samples at 127 grams for 2 liters and 106 grams for 1.5 liters down to 98 grams for both sizes.
  • Reach at least 20 bottle trips. The refillable PET bottles are usually refilled approximately from 12-20 times (the average rate of re-use is 3.3 times a year). Of course, the higher the number of trips, the more economical is the cost of the container.
  • Produce refillable bottles not only on single stage machine but also on reheat stretchblowmolding systems thus using preforms available on the market.
  • Develop a bottle base capable to withstand a high number of washes while improving its blowing process.

Results & Packaging Features

Two bottle sizes have been developed (2L & 1.5L with same preform and weight, 98 grams).
Blowing process to produce re
Results & Packaging Features

  • 2.0L refillable: from 127 to 98 g -23%
  • 1.5L refillable: from 106 to 98 g -8%
  • Neck Finish: BPF 28mm

Results & Packaging Features

  • Coca-Cola spec: 54.6Kg
  • SIPA 2L refillable: 75Kg +37% vs. CC spec
  • SIPA 1.5L refillable: 73Kg +34% vs. CC spec