55mm Neck Finish for HOD Containers

55mm Neck Finish for HOD Containers

Main features:

This new 55mm neck finish gives the following advantages:

  • Lighter, permitting a reduction of over 25% on the total weight of the neck length.
  • Uses a snap-cap therefore may be used on existing lines without significant modifications.
  • Lighter new snap-cap.
  • Better material distribution under support ring.
  • Used on single serve dispenser containers.


Lightweighting has become important also for the HOD sector of the beverage market, that is for large containers for dispensers. To reduce the weight of container’s body is easy but this implies a reduction in its technical performance and may not comply with the required specifics. Our target was to develop a new 55mm neck finish that would accept a snap-cap so that existing lines with this type of capper could benefit and would not require any significant modification. This new neck finish would be obviously lighter than those presently in use allowing for a significant reduction in weight without implications on the performance of the container.

Development & challenges

Reviewing the existing 55mm neck finishes, the following challenges for the development of this new one were faced:
  • Must be a neck finish for snap-cap so that it could be used on existing lines;
  • Must guarantee anti-tampering;
  • Significant reduction in weight considering all the neck finish length necessary for the dispenser;
  • Development of a new snap-cap therefore establish a collaboration with a cap producing company,
  • in this case Bericap;
  • Allows for a better distribution of material under support ring.

Results & Packaging Features

The collaboration with Bericap permitted the development of a new 55mm neck finish and a light snap-cap closure.
Results & Packaging Features
Comparison of existing 55mm neck finish (on the left) with new 55mm neck finish (on the right)

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