In the first issue of SIPA Speaks two years ago, we introduced you to Canadian beverage company Ice River Sustainable Solutions. It had recently bought an XFORM preform injection molding system to process 100% post-consumer PET recyclate into preforms for its 500-mL spring water bottles.

Ice River made a name for itself developing eco-friendly packaging to keep used green soda bottles from ending up in landfill. It was the first beverage company in North America to purchase “blue box” materials to produce its 100% rPET bottles, which it produced in various sizes up to 15 L (4 US gal).

In the meantime, Ice River decided to expand its product range to include a 19-L (5 gal) water cooler bottle. To produce that, it came back to SIPA for one of its special-purpose stretch-blow molding machines, a linear SFL 2/2 (which SIPA now markets at the SFL MAXI 2 – see article elsewhere in this issue). Once again, the bottle is made in 100% rPET.

Ice River called on SIPA to carry out development work to optimize container properties.This bottle has improved top-load strenghtand resistance to the vacuum that forms as the bottle empties, thanks to optimized distribution of material throughout the container; this itself is made possible through the special design of the bottle and through optimized process conditions.Ice River SustainableSolutions remainsa leader in the useof rPET. It even hasits own recyclingcompany, BlueMountain Plastics.

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