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SIPA’s very broad range of stretch-blow molding machines caters for diverse customer needs in terms of output rates and container size; there is of course also the choice between linear and rotary machines. One especially versatile model is the linear SFL 4/3 XL, with its ability to hold one, two, or three cavities (format changes are quick and simple to carry out) and to produce containers as small as 12 mL and as large as 12L, at speeds of up to 5400 bottles per hour.

The SFL 4/3 XL is an excellent small-batch production unit, and it also works very well as an R&D tool, so it can be used as a bridge between container development and market introduction, avoiding all the problems that have the potential to arise in scale-up when switching from one machine to another: no need to change molds, use different preforms, or make adjustments to handling equipment.

In fact, for all these reasons, numerous customers have bought the SFL 4/3 XL to use in this way. SIPA has installed one in its prototyping department too.

The list of advantages of the SFL 4/3 XL is long. It can for example be equipped with a special mold holder that accepts cavities from rotary stretch-blow machines, including other brands. Possible applications range from simple bottles for still water through to complex hot-fill containers produced with the latest generation of electric heating technology molds.

The SFL 4/3 XL can be equipped with various accessories too: for neck orientation, systems to fit handles after molding, preferential heating for oval containers… the list goes on.
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