Main features:

These PET bottles with barrier give the following advantages:

  • Lighter vs glass ones;
  • Unbreakable: more safety;
  • Recyclable;
  • Less CO2 emission;
  • Compare with polilaminates carton box this PET packaging has a better overall appearance, it is similar to the original glass bottle, it is transparent and resealable with aluminum or plastic closure.

Product description & requirements

Wine is an alcoholic beverage made from fermented grapes or other fruits. Different types of wines result from the complex interactions between the biochemical development of the fruit, reactions involved in fermentation, terroir and subsequent appellation, along with human intervention in the overall process.
Wine could be white, red, rosè; flat or sparkling; different quality and ageing. All wines, reds and whites, are sensitive to oxygen. Light either UV or visible light at the blue end spectrum will cause several chemical reactions in red wines causing alteration of taste and color. In wine making, sulphites are used as preservatives and blocking their permeation is important.


Plastic bottles are used for medium quality flat wine, in some country/regions and for particular reasons (safety, special events, in aeroplanes, etc). The target was to replicate glass bottle shapes such as Bordeaux and Burgundy bottles in PET.
The need for light, oxygen and eventually sulphites barrier additives was part of the challenge.
Trasmitted Light Intensity vs Wavelength
Curve C - Clear
Curve G - Green
Curve A - Amber

Development & challenges

The shapes of the glass bottles and also barrier additives were reviewed. There was a need to:
  • select the right additives to avoid strange reflections especially with red wine;
  • do not alter the color to avoid the risk of loss of appeal of the bottle containing the product;
  • no need of color for white wine although barrier additives is still needed;
  • have a good enough barrier to guarantee 9-12 months of shelf-life.
The new PET bottles are similar to the Bordeaux/Burgundy glass wine bottles in their shape as well as in the color (green/amber). The size of the bottles was that of typical glass bottles: 0.75 liters and 187ml. Obviously the PET bottles weigh much less than the glass bottles.
The neck fi nish size and shape was that for wine bottles (BVS Stelvin). From injection point of view, masterbatch and additives must be added; multilayer preforms are available on market. Different sizes were produced: from small/single serve, 187-250ml to 0.75-1l and bigger sizes: from 1.5 to 3 liters.
Weight: 54 g
Volume: 0.75 l
- height: 286mm
- diameter: 71mm
- neck finish: BVS30H
Weight: 19 g
Volume: 0.187 l
- height: 180mm
- diameter: 46mm
- neck finish: BVP22H30

These are the most significant machines for this application

SIPA's products include a wide range of solutions for the manufacture of preforms and containers, filling, process and secondary packaging, able to satisfy all the needs of the mineral water market in terms of bottle shapes, products and productivity.