Coffee PET jars

Coffee PET jars

Main features:

PET containers for coffee give the following advantages:

  • Conversion from glass, metal can, polylaminates, other plastics;
  • Light, unbreakable, flexible;
  • Re-sealable, wide mouth opening, spoonable and easy to empty;
  • Freedom on design, very fashionable, customizable;
  • Personalized design, with ribs, logo, elegant details.


Target is to develop plastic containers for all types of coffee products, such as coffee beans, roasted coffee powder and soluble coffee powder. Each kind of coffee needs specific properties in terms of barrier and aesthetic. Goal of this packaging development is the conversion from other packaging as metal can, multilayer package, glass, other plastics. 

Development & challenges

To develop a special family of containers for each kind of coffee is a challenge because each one of them needs special features. Soluble coffee (commercialized for the first time by Nescafé on 1938) needs protection from humidity, so the wall thickness of the final packaging is very important. Beans need protection from all elements in the environment: light, oxygen, CO2 release, linked to requested shelf-life; scavenger, passive barrier and colorant must be added to PET. 

Results & packaging features

SIPA developed various PET containers for different kinds of coffee. Here some samples.
Results & packaging features

These are the most significant machines for this application

SIPA's products include a wide range of solutions for the manufacture of preforms and containers, filling, process and secondary packaging, able to satisfy all the needs of the mineral water market in terms of bottle shapes, products and productivity.