Unrivaled experience

SIPA, for more than 30 years in the sector of machines for the production of PET containers, can boast an extensive experience in the design and engineering of preforms and bottles: a unique expertise at the service of our customers, under a single roof..
Our Packaging Development professionals assist you in all the stages of your project. We start with market analysis to understand the competitive landscape the packaging will enter, the production environment, the life cycle of the packaging and the objectives for the packaging and product. SIPA designers balance creative inspiration with technical, safety, and cost considerations. Our designers combine creative inspiration with knowledge of technical aspects, safety and cost analysis. They know exactly what properties PET containers must have to succeed in production and how to stretch the limits.

Our approach is integrated

At the basis of SIPA IDEAS, the internal packaging design studio, lies the transition from the concept of 'bottle' to that of 'integrated packaging system'. SIPA, in fact, acts as a one-stop-shop for all the needs related to rigid plastic packaging, following all the development phases that start from the strategic analysis of the packaging, pass through the development of brand-new bottle concepts up to the development of an ad-hoc preform, prototyping of the container, lab tests, the production of the blow molds and finally the line start-up.
IDEAS derives from SIPA's ability to INTEGRATE design and its industrialization; creating highly performing packaging that is attentive to brand recognition.


Our approach is brand related

Over time, packaging has improved its functionality, but, above all, it has expanded and enhanced expressive-communicative capacity, until it becomes an object capable of creating relationships between the product and the consumer, between values and needs , between brand and collective imagination.

Packaging is today one of the most important tools available for product and brand communication.
The functions of the packaging are divided into operational-performance, which configure it as packaging for storage, protection and transport and accessibility, as the ability to act as a tool that simplify the interaction between consumer and product.

Our approach is responsible

SIPA designers are involved in the development of more than 3000 new containers every year. The three Rs - Reduce, Reuse, Recycle - are constant principles in all of these projects. SIPA has now established a new brand - AWArPET - which represents an environmentally friendly approach in the design and manufacture of PET packaging.

AwarPET represents the technical and strategic effort of our company in looking at packaging as a circular product, which strictly follows the Recyclass, Design for Recycling guidelines, established by EPBP, the European platform for PET bottles.

This voluntary industry initiative provides PET bottle design guidelines for recycling, evaluates PET bottle packaging solutions and technologies, and facilitates understanding of the effects of new PET bottle innovations on recycling processes. It has established several testing procedures to assess the impact of packaging recycling. Products that pass the tests shouldn't cause any problems during recycling.



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