Bottle design

Container design

SIPA’s experience and expertise in PET container design and production extends throughout the entire process. And it’s all about helping the customer make a better bottle, more cost effectively. A better bottle features an innovative shape that is in tune with its contents, that stands out from the competition and that leaps off the store shelf. A better bottle also helps the customer cut the costs of its packaging through reduced weight, lower energy consumption and optimized secondary packaging processes. To reach the ideal bottle, final containers and preforms must complement each other perfectly.
That’s where our expertise comes in. Our technical, creative and marketing professionals collaborate with you on all kinds of packaging projects, including:

  • New designs
  • New formats
  • Light-weighting
  • Energy savings
  • Special and niche application packages: wide mouth jars, oval containers, large sizes, automatic handle insertion, heat set bottles, stackable and self-collapsible containers.

Better bottle design

Our Packaging Development professionals assist you in all the stages of your project. We start with market analysis to understand the competitive landscape the packaging will enter, the production environment, the life cycle of the packaging and the objectives for the packaging and product.
SIPA designers balance creative inspiration with technical, safety, and cost considerations. They know exactly what properties PET containers must have to succeed in production and how to stretch the limits.
Major features to be considered when designing a container are:

  • Compliance with the dimensional and/or aesthetic specifications
  • Good blowability
  • Top performance at top load
  • Minimum deformation under pressure
  • Maximum stability (especially for carbonated and hot fill applications)

Our engineered design approach

Once the container design has been selected, before producing a prototype from our designs, we do a deep technical assessment of the existing production environment and simulate preform and bottle performance. Using Finite Elements Analysis, we’re able to check package technical feasibility and identify potential improvements for cost-effectiveness at the design stage.
This approach allows you to launch a new package shape or cut raw material and operating costs (total cost of ownership) without taking useless risks.
Further attention is given to the filling and palletising phases: the design of our containers also takes into account the characteristics required by filling machines (e.g.: shape of the bottle shoulder, profile, etc.), during capping, in conveyor lines (e.g.: flat base for greater stability, petaloid base with large diameter, height/diameter ratio, radial strength, etc.), all the way to palletising (e.g.: resistance to vertical load, resistance to dynamic transport, etc.).

Developing the container alongside SIPA means you are certain to achieve your market goals with a more attractive, more functional design, reducing risks and also optimising costs.

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