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SIPA is never far away. Our service relies on 28 local centres located worldwide and interconnected to form an effective global network, designed to guarantee quick and punctual interventions the world over.

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Our service solutions

SIPA has extended its Life Cycle Services, LCS. This very important part of our total customer support package can increase the overall effectiveness of our customers’ operations, through such activities as improving the reliability and availability of equipment, analysing productivity and part quality, improving performance, turning extraordinary maintenance into ordinary maintenance, and collaborating on future planning.

The key factor in LCS is for us to understand and provide what the customer really wants. LCS is all-encompassing: light-weighting, format changing, packaging developments, auditing and training, revamping of existing assets, repairing, conversions, development of new products, remote service & technical support, data acquisition, maintenance management, line analysis, relocation and service contracts. With LCS, we will strengthen our bond with our customers, increase our interactivity, and become true partners with them.

Technological upgrades

To increase performance, optimise efficiency and running costs.


Chek-up and solutions to keep the efficiency of your plants.


Suitable training to maintain the agreed level of performance.


Contracts and solutions for the proper functioning of the machines.

Spare parts

To guarantee the standard of quality defined by SIPA.

Technical support

Sipa service designed to provide effective and timely interventions.