Zoppas Industries expands employee welfare initiative

Group prioritizes employee health and well-being

The Zoppas Industries Group (which includes IRCA S.p.A – Zoppas Industries Heating Element Technologies and SIPA S.p.A.), has signed an agreement with the “Giovanni XXIII” clinic in Monastier (TV) to prevent cardiovascular diseases. This initiative is part of the group's broader corporate welfare programs, which also include a company nursery and a psychological support platform.

Cardiovascular diseases are the leading cause of death in Italy and worldwide. In 2019 alone, these diseases caused over 200,000 deaths in Italy, according to Istat. Factors such as existing health conditions, genetic predisposition, and unhealthy habits are more significant than age in determining cardiovascular risk. Therefore, understanding one's cardiovascular risk and adopting a preventive approach is crucial.

To support this, Zoppas Industries Group has launched an innovative project in collaboration with the "Giovanni XXIII" clinicof Monastier. This project aims to safeguard employee health through on-site prevention and education efforts. Health workers from the clinicwill visit Zoppas Group facilities to conduct comprehensive check-ups, including blood sampling, urine tests, blood pressure measurement, and electrocardiograms.

“We are committed to promoting the well-being and health of our employees,” says Gianfranco Zoppas, President of Zoppas Industries. “Both here in Italy and globally, we implement welfare policies tailored to the local needs of our various factories. We will continue on this path, putting people at the center of our work, with a view to continuous improvement. Cardiovascular screening is the first step in a series of initiatives, some of which are already underway, that we intend to implement.”

The process for employees is straightforward: they can book their check-up by filling out an online form or emailing the hospital. Two weeks before the appointment, employees will receive kits containing urine tubes and preparation instructions. After the check-ups, which include sample collection and electrocardiograms, specialists at the nursing home will analyze the samples. Employees can then download their test results directly from home, even via smartphone, ensuring complete privacy. The project also extends special agreements to employees' family members for various healthcare services at the "Giovanni XXIII" hospital in Monastier.

This cardiovascular initiative is part of a comprehensive corporate welfare plan by the Group. For years, Zoppas Industries Group has participated in a consortium with other local companies to provide a childcare center in the Conegliano-Vittorio Veneto industrial area for employees with young children. Additionally, since 2023, a psychological support platform has been available, reflecting the company's commitment to the holistic well-being of its employees.

The Group also supports work-life balance initiatives, such as offering employees the option to work remotely two days a week.