SIPA sponsors Master’s Degree in Eco Packaging Design

SIPA will sponsor the Master’s Degree course, “Eco Packaging Design, Systemic Innovation Design” at the Turin Polytechnic this coming academic year. This is the second year running that SIPA is contributing to the training of future packaging designers through the support of this new and important program. The one-year course addresses the sustainability needs of modern packaging, without forgetting the strategic and design aspects of design.

“The role of packaging designer is crucial in the circular economy, and we expect that the skills developed by students taking this Master’s will be much in demand in a sector that has hung its colors on sustainability and innovation,” says SIPA’s Packaging Development Manager.

“Graduates will be well-qualified to design packaging by taking into account every detail of its entire life cycle: not only its primary function of keeping products safe while presenting them in a clear, correct, and attractive way to the consumer, but also in the assessment of the impact it will have on the environment.”

With every day that goes by, the sustainability of packaging takes on increasing importance. This is reflected in the fact that this aspect influences around 45% of consumers in their choice of products. As many as 48% say they have stopped buying consumer goods that they consider to be over-packaged. On the other hand, more than 40% are unwilling to pay extra for packaging seen as more “environment friendly.”

The course at Turin Polytechnic covers experimentation on materials, exploration in the field of graphics, communication, research on social impact, and numerous other areas, through a mix of classroom teaching, design laboratories and company internships, geared to training professionals ready for different sectors of packaging: design, production, marketing.

SIPA is one of several supporters and collaborators for the course from the world of packaging.