SIPA linear and rotary options meet all needs for inline PET bottles blowing and filling

SIPA now offers SincroBloc fully integrated PET bottle blowing/filling/capping systems based on rotary and linear stretch-blow moulding units. Beverage companies can now choose the line that best fits their production requirement for formats of all sizes.

Linear blowers for bigger bottles, shorter runs, and more

Until recently, all SincroBloc models were based on rotary stretch-blow moulding equipments. But SIPA found that some customers, especially those bottling water and edible oil, needed a system, clean and compact like the originals, for larger formats up to 12 litres. For this, only linear stretch-blowers will do. Some customers also want to produce only limited quantities, possibly at only 2000 bottles per hour, and for this a linear machine is again more appropriate.

With the addition of SincroBlocs based on SFL linear bottle stretch-blowers, SIPA now offers outputs to cater for all tastes. For example, rotary types can work at speeds of up to 54,000 small and medium-sized bottles per hour, while a system matching an SFL for large formats with a BigFill volumetric gravity-filling monobloc can push out 4000 12-L containers over the same period.

Versatility in linear and rotary formats

But the capabilities of the SFL SincroBloc units stretch well beyond big bottles and short runs. They can produce and fill small and large containers, in various formats, including bottles with handles. They can also work with all types of liquids, whether they be still water, CSDs, milk, hot-fill products, or products with high added value such as oils, detergents and personal care.
In truth, all SincroBloc systems are very versatile. For example, any one line, whether it is based on a linear or rotary blower, can produce and fill hot-filled and CSD drinks. Numerous SIPA customers have taken advantage of this feature.

Lower TCO

The linear format has further important advantages. It is very compact, for example, and mechanical movements are simpler than with a rotary stretch-blow section, which facilitates its use. Total cost of Ownership (TCO) is lower too, thanks to lower investment cost and reduced maintenance requirements. That’s not forgetting that SIPA SFL stretch-blow systems are among the best on the market.
In the last few weeks, SIPA has installed a new complete line incorporating the SFL SincroBloc system at an important customer in Turkey – for production, filling and packing of 5-L mineral water bottles. The line starts with an SFL 6/6XXL and BIGFILL 18-6 with laminar flow according to ISO7 and also includes labelling and shrink-wrapping systems and a Genius-PTF/2 palletizing system. It is designed to run at a speed of 6600 bottles per hour.

A variety of mechanical and electronic fillers

SIPA produces various types of fillers that can be coupled with the linear and rotary blow moulders for small formats. These include the Stillfill Evo mechanical gravity filler for hot- and cold-filled non-carbonated drinks; the mechanical Isofill isobaric level filler for carbonated soft drinks and mineral waters; the Flextronic S and SE electronic volumetric fillers for various types of still liquids and hot-fill products respectively; the Flextronic W electronic weight filler for products with extra added value; and the Flextronic C electronic multi-product volumetric filling monobloc for CSDs, still and sparkling mineral waters, cold- and hot-fill juices.

Many options to keep things clean

SincroBlocs all excel with their simplicity and hygiene. There is no need for rinsing between blowing and filling, no need for external conveying systems, and total protection from the outside environment from the moment the preform enters the feed shoot until the filled and sealed bottle emerges, ready for wrapping. The high levels of cleanliness make it possible for customers to use them for CSDs that contain no artificial preservatives.