Echo Mobile: The ultimate mobile app for enhanced productivity and connectivity

We are thrilled to announce the launch of the Echo mobile application for both Android and iOS devices! This exciting new app brings all the features you love from the web version of the Echo platform right to your fingertips.

Welcome to Echo: Your Digital Ecosystem

Echo is a revolutionary digital ecosystem designed by SIPA to connect people, businesses, and resources in an interactive environment based on total skill sharing. Our journey towards more intelligent productivity is guided by three core principles: transparency, accessibility, and usability of information. Echo provides a comprehensive suite of services and a unique communication channel that allows you to monitor and control the performance of plants and B2B post-sales processes. With Echo, you can leverage the latest digital technologies to enhance efficiency and reduce management costs, creating a true partnership with SIPA based on total sharing of skills. Echo is in fact a world within a world.

Echo grants access to information on the entire fleet of SIPA machines anytime, anywhere. It serves as a central hub for data collection, easily accessible and interactive, designed to optimize efficiency across the manufacturing process. With Echo, you gain complete control over performance, with opportunities to streamline processes and improve communication.

With the Echo mobile app, you can:

• Easily View Your Installed Base: Keep track of all your SIPA machines.

• Stay Updated on Technical Upgrades: Get the latest updates and enhancements.

• Access Production Data and Alarms: Monitor production data and alarm statistics.

• Monitor Offers, Orders, and Shipments: Stay informed about the status of your transactions.

• Browse Manuals and Documentation: Access technical manuals and documentation.

• Online Spare Parts Shop: Conveniently order spare parts online (availability varies by country).

And the best part? Echo is available free for one year on all new machines. Existing customers can purchase it with a Teleservice contract extension through their local SIPA branch office.We are confident that the Echo mobile app will make your life easier and more efficient. So what are you waiting for? Download it today and experience the future of productivity and connectivity!