When Bolivian health drinks producer Valencia Citrus wanted an innovative bottle for its new Santè isotonic drink, it turned to SIPA. And SIPA did not disappoint.

But what exactly is are isotonic drinks anyway? Well, they contain similar concentrations of salt and sugar as in the human body, and are designed to quickly replace fluids lost during exercise, while also providing carbohydrate to provide energy.

So, with the idea of a fit, strong, healthy body in mind – trim waist, muscular torso, broad shoulders – SIPA designers came up with the stunning design you see here. But it’s not just about looks. Not forgetting that form follows function, the designers integrated trapezoidal panels into the body of the bottle, so that it would not distort on cooling after it was hot-filled with the drink.

The technical solution behind the design used here is so novel, as well as intelligent, that SIPA has a patent on it.

Not only did SIPA create the design for the bottle, but it also carried out the prototyping. Then, once Valencia Citrus signed off on the project, it bought one of SIPA’s SFL 4/4 linear stretch-blow molding systems to produce the one-liter bottles. Each bottle weighs 52 g, and has a 33-mm thread.

Isotonic bottle from Valencia Citrus: