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In today's fast-paced liquid food production landscape, precision and adaptability are essential for success. SIPA, a trusted leader in the industry, proudly presents the FLEXTRONIC W weight filler—a groundbreaking addition to our line of filling monoblocs. Engineered initially for high-value food products such as edible oils, this innovative machine has evolved into a versatile solution suitable for a diverse range of products.. From edible oils, salad dressings and ketchup to sauces, as well as applications in home care and personal care industries, the FLEXTRONIC W offers unparalleled adaptability and precision. With its advanced technology and customizable features, it delivers exceptional performance, ensuring efficient production processes and superior product quality.

Meeting Diverse Demands with SIPA

The food and personal care industries require high-performance, adaptable filling solutions, and SIPA stands out as a dependable partner with unparalleled expertise. With SIPA's array of filling monoblocs, featuring the FLEXTRONIC W, clients can expect nothing short of top-tier quality, exceptional sanitization capabilities, and minimized operational expenses, all tailored to meet diverse needs and specifications.

Introducing the FLEXTRONIC W

At the heart of SIPA's commitment to innovation is the FLEXTRONIC W, a weight filler that embodies flexibility and adaptability. This state-of-the-art machine accommodates caters to a broad range of liquid food products, positioning it as the preferred choice for producers handling high-value items like edible oil, salad dressings, ketchup, sauces, detergents, and personal care products. With its precise operation and efficient performance, the FLEXTRONIC W proves to be a valuable asset in both liquid food and personal care manufacturing processes.

Benefits of the FLEXTRONIC W

The FLEXTRONIC W offers a host of benefits that underscore its superiority in liquid food and personal care product filling

Versatility: The FLEXTRONIC W seamlessly accommodates various types of liquid food and personal care products, allowing producers to expand their product offerings without the need for multiple filling machines, thereby enhancing operational flexibility and cost-effectiveness

Precision: Leveraging cutting-edge weight filling technology thanks to a proprietary load cell, the FLEXTRONIC W achieves unparalleled accuracy in filling operations. This precision is paramount in minimizing product waste and upholding the highest quality standards, thereby ensuring consistency and customer satisfaction with every container filled.

Efficiency: Equipped with features for quick adjustments and minimal downtime, the FLEXTRONIC W drives higher production rates and overall efficiency, especially when configured in sincrobloc with blowmoulding machine.

Cost Savings: SIPA’s unwavering commitment to reducing running costs extends to the FLEXTRONIC W. By enhancing operational efficiency and minimizing product waste, this advanced filler helps manufacturers effectively manage costs, ultimately contributing to improved profitability.

Quality Assurance: The FLEXTRONIC W maintains SIPA's stringent quality standards, ensuring that every container filled meets the desired specifications. Manufacturers can trust in the reliability and consistency of their production processes, fostering consumer confidence and brand reputation.

Added Values: Enhancing the FLEXTRONIC W Experience

The FLEXTRONIC W offers a comprehensive set of features designed to elevate its performance to unprecedented levels.

Flexible Product Handling: The FLEXTRONIC W excels in handling a variety of products, eliminating the need for additional equipment and simplifying the production process.

Adjustable Filling Speed: This machine allows for effortless adjustment of filling speed, ensuring efficient handling of diverse liquid food and personal care products.

Automatic Filling Engagement: With automatic engagement of filling processes, precision and consistency are guaranteed, resulting in uniform product quality with every fill.

Sanitary Design: The FLEXTRONIC W boasts a sanitary design, maintaining product integrity and making it an ideal choice for industries with stringent hygiene standards

Quick Changeovers: without requiring additional tools, swift changeovers between different containers and product setups or configurations facilitate seamless transitions, optimizing production efficiency.

Simplified Maintenance: Easy access for maintenance ensures uninterrupted production, minimizing downtime and maximizing operational efficiency

Safety: Modular element guards prioritize safety and convenience, providing operators with added peace of mind during operation

With these advanced features, the FLEXTRONIC W sets a new standard for performance, reliability, and ease of use in liquid food and personal care product filling.

Processed Products and Output

The FLEXTRONIC W is designed to handle a wide range of liquid food and personal care products, spanning from edible oil, salad dressings, to sauces, ketchup, detergents, and personal care items. With fillers featuring from 20 to 96 valves, the FLEXTRONIC W can achieve output rates ranging from 6,000 to 36,000 bottles per hour on 1.5-litre containers. This remarkable versatility and efficiency make the FLEXTRONIC W the ideal solution for a wide range of production needs across various industries.

Main Features

The FLEXTRONIC W boasts a range of impressive features, including a pressurized central tank that ensures efficient product handling. Its durability and commitment to hygiene are evident in its entirely stainless steel (grade 304) draining frame. Moreover, this machine excels in reducing changeover times, contributing to increased productivity. Operating the FLEXTRONIC W is a breeze, thanks to its user-friendly touchscreen HMI, allowing for intuitive control and monitoring of filling processes while innovative software guarantees precise product dosing. For those seeking the strictest hygiene standards, an ultra-clean configuration featuring nitrogen pressurization of the filling tank is available as an option, along with automatic insertion of dummy bottles during CIP. Additionally to minimize waste, the FLEXTRONIC W is equipped with recovery tray for rinse or cleaning oil with automatic insertion beneath the filling nozzles, thus ensuring complete product recovery at the end of production and facilitating product changes.

With these advanced features, the FLEXTRONIC W not only excels in performance and productivity but also prioritizes hygiene and waste reduction, making it the ultimate solution for liquid food and personal care product filling needs.

In conclusion, SIPA SPA's FLEXTRONIC W is a testament to the company's commitment to innovation and providing tailored solutions for the ever-changing needs of liquid food and personal care products manufacturers. Regardless of whether you operate in the food, personal care, or detergent industry, the FLEXTRONIC W stands as a versatile, precise, and efficient choice that redefines the filling process for your products. With its cutting-edge features and unmatched performance, the FLEXTRONIC W revolutionizes your production operations, empowering you to achieve unparalleled efficiency and quality in product filling.

In a significant evolution stemming from the innovative Flextronic W machine, SIPA introduces the ATEX version, a groundbreaking solution tailored specifically for the safe filling of flammable liquids, such as hand sanitizers with a 70% alcohol content. This specialized configuration adheres rigorously to ATEX compliance standards, ensuring the utmost safety in environments where explosive gases and vapors may be present.

The ATEX version of the Flextronic W incorporates a range of enhancements meticulously designed to mitigate potential risks associated with equipment operation in hazardous atmospheres. These enhancements include the elimination of potential mechanical or electric ignition sources, thereby reinforcing the machine's safety factor. Furthermore, the integration of micro isolators around the filling valves serves to delineate and contain potential hazardous areas while incorporating ventilation and aspiration systems to further minimize risks.

Overall, the ATEX version of the Flextronic W underscores SIPA's commitment to safety and precision engineering, catering to the needs of industries requiring the safe and efficient handling of highly flammable liquids. This groundbreaking solution not only ensures compliance with stringent safety standards but also provides peace of mind to manufacturers operating in hazardous environments

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