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In North America’s heartland, a SIPA SFL Performance 6 linear stretch-blow molding system has been put to work producing top-class bottles for spirits produced by one of the nation’s most innovative alcoholic drinks makers, Phillips Distilling Company.

The SIPA system is extremely versatile in the types of containers it can make, in terms of shape, size, neck type, liquid type, and other factors. At the Phillips Distilling Company plant inPrinceton, Minnesota, round and oval bottles in sizes from half a pint to a half gallon are produced.

The SFL Performance 6, previously called SFL EVO, is well-known for its speed, quality, energy efficiency, and overall sustainability. Phillips ordered a version of the SFL Performance 6 with a shorter chain pitch than normal. This helps it save energy in the ovens, since the bottles are closer together. Depending on the bottles it is blowing, output is up to 6600 units every hour.

SFL Performance machines are fully electric, which means (among other things) that they are very clean and very precise. Installation and start-up times are very short. Controls are very comprehensive but also easy to use.

“Working with SIPA was a great experience. They were always quick to respond to questions that we would have and would provide support that was prompt when we needed it. The project was on time and on budget and the machine is running great quality bottles at expected rates” saysFernando Palacios, Chief Supply Chain Officer at Phillips Distilling.

Phillips Distilling Company has been producing a wide range of spirits and liqueurs for over a hundred years, but it has never lost its thirst for innovation. “We are brand builders, using a consumer-centric approach as we strive to satisfy consumer needs, preferences, and ever-changing tastes” says Palacios.

“We get to know our customers well and are inspired to create products that add value to the way they live and celebrate life. Always focused on delivering quality and craftsmanship, we foster a culture that promotes genuine hospitality” Palacios concludes.
Spirit of innovation at Phillips Distilling: