In the last issue of SIPA SPEAKS, we told you all about this company’s unparalleled ability to provide just about everything related to processing equipment and product development that anybody, anywhere, along the PET container making and filling chain needs, all from a single source.

We think the message needs repeating. Not because we are proud to have all this capability under one roof – although obviously we are! – but because we think it is really important for people in the supply chain to know that they can turn to a unique point of reference for their needs, all the way from turning the spark of an idea into a real product, through to converting that product into a flaming success in the market. Not only can we supply all the creative design input and processing equipment that our customers call for, but we simplify their ongoing needs by being the sole source they turn to for technical support and all after-sales issues.

SIPA is flexible, innovative, technologically strong, and close to the customer, wherever you are.

It’s incredibly satisfying when customers come to us to partner them for turnkey systems and all-new greenfield operations. See our feature on Bottlers Nepal, an important Coca-Cola partner. Its facility now includes a complete SIPA line that starts with a Sincro Bloc combining an XTRA 8 rotary stretch-blow molding unit with a Flextronic C 54-9 volumetric filler, and ends with an SPF/E pallet stretch wrapper. The customer calls the line “a marvel of engineering.”

Heading west to the Americas, we interview the purchasing director at longtime SIPA customer Grupo GEPP in Mexico. This company recently took turnkey filling lines as well as XTRA systems for its large beverages business.

While on the subject of XTRA, take a little time to look at our article on the full XTRA range, capable of producing the PET bottles large (very large!) and small, with excellent economics. A system equipped with Preferential Heating Ovens for the production of asymmetrical bottles is running at NPE 2024 in Orlando, Florida, in May.

Obviously, the scope of a SIPA partnership is not always so all-encompassing, but the pleasure for us comes in seeing how SIPA reaches into all corners of the PET packaging world. In this issue, we also profile customers around the world who are benefiting from our partnership in multiple ways, to create, produce, and fill, PET packaging that stands out from the crowd.

PDG Plastiques in France, which with SIPA is leading the revolution in the use of PET in bottles for sparkling wines. SIPA pioneered the concept, and supplied PDG Plastiques with XFORM preform injection molding systems, including the molds, as well as bottle blowing molds.

We also talk about Pizzorni, one of Italy’s largest packaging converters, specializing in preforms. Pizzorni recently took a strategic decision to incorporate an SFL Performance H linear stretch-blow molding system into its production process, for production of PET bottles for flat wine.

Further south, in Greece, Nera Kritis, prominent in the production and filling of mineral water bottles, partnered with SIPA to introduce the lightest preform available in Greece, made on an XFORM system. In neighboring Turkey (Türkiye), Kapack Plastics invested in an ECS SP injection-stretch-blow molding system for containers for the pharma, cosmetics, and personal care markets. Below the equator, South African PET packaging specialist QPET acquired its first SFL Performance 4H system to produce a range of containers for edible oil, soon after taking an XFORM that makes two sizes of preform using the same cold half – a SIPA specialty.

Back in the USA, we take a look at Phillips Distilling Company in Minnesota, which has acquired another SFL Performance.

The list of satisfied customers is long, and it is getting longer. We think it provides proof that our mission is succeeding: to be at the service of our customers, supporting them with the utmost competence, with all the listening they need and with a wide flexibility in creating excellent, efficient, green, and innovative production solutions.

SIPA is THE one-stop shop in PET processing technology. Go for it.
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