SIPA Packaging's R&D Team introduces the innovative XBase – short for Extra High Performance Base. After two years of dedicated research and development on high-speed lines, XBase represents a breakthrough in base technology that offers numerous benefits to our customers.

SIPA's mold makers have once again pushed the boundaries of innovation with the introduction of the XBase. This sophisticated petaloid base design, featuring SIPA's patented X-Vent technology, not only facilitates a reduction in PET bottle weight but also operates at lower air pressure levels, marking a significant rise in efficiency and sustainability.

At the heart of this technological advance are the X-Vents – narrow channels meticulously distributed into critical areas of the base. Cleverly integrated into the bottle design, these channels enhance the evacuation of air between the bottle wall and mold surface during the blowing process optimizing the formation of challenging shapes.

Compared to conventional bases, the XBase delivers superior material distribution, allowing for a significant reduction in bottle base weight. Remarkably, the blow pressure can be dialed down to as low as 18 bar, showcasing the technology's prowess in achieving operational efficiency.

The versatility of XBase extends to its compatibility with bottle volumes up to 2.5 liters, making it an ideal choice for containers holding a variety of beverages, including highly carbonated ones with CO2 levels reaching up to 4.2%. Rigorous tests conducted in SIPA laboratories have demonstrated exceptional resistance to stress cracking, ensuring the reliability and durability of the bottles. Furthermore, thermal resistance tests have yielded excellent results, attesting to the resilience of the XBase under varying conditions.

SIPA's commitment to sustainability and performance is further exemplified by the impressive production achievements with XBase. Output levels of up to 2800 bottles/hour/cavity have been realized on SIPA lines, showcasing not only the speed but also the stability of production. Even when utilizing 100% recycled PET, the XBase technology elevates bottle base quality, contributing to a more sustainable packaging solution for the industry.

In conclusion, the XBase by SIPA is more than just a base design; it represents a leap forward in blow molding technology, combining efficiency, sustainability, and performance. As SIPA continues to pioneer advancements, the XBase stands as a testament to the company's dedication to shaping the future of PET bottle manufacturing.