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In a bid to revolutionize the Greek market and champion eco-friendly innovation, Nera Kritis S.A., a prominent water bottling and preform/bottles producer, has partnered with SIPA to introduce the lightest preform available in Greece.

With a legacy spanning over three decades, Nera Kritis boasts extensive expertise in water bottling and preform production. Operating across three bottling facilities in Chania (Crete Island), Axioupoli (North Greece), Loutraki (Central Greece), and a cutting-edge packaging materials facility in Thiva, the company has consistently aimed at introducing distinctive, environmentally conscious products to the market.

Stepping boldly into 2023, Nera Kritis embarked on a pioneering venture, investing in SIPA's XFORM SYSTEM GEN4 72Cavities. This cutting-edge technology enables the production of 26mm Hexalite neck finish preforms for still water, marking the debut of such a product in Greece. Notably, the newly launched preforms weigh a remarkable 9gr/10.5gr/22gr, setting an unprecedented standard for lightweighting.

The decision to adopt SIPA's innovative technology resonates deeply with Nera Kritis' ethos of environmental stewardship. The company views this investment as a pivotal step toward offering the most environmentally friendly packaging for an essential product like water, vital for human well-being.

"We are committed to reducing our environmental footprint while delivering exceptional quality to our consumers," expressed Mr. Nikos Papoutsis, Technical Director at Nera Kritis. "The collaboration with SIPA represents our dedication to innovation and sustainability."

SIPA's cutting-edge system not only facilitates the production of lightweight preforms but also aligns seamlessly with Nera Kritis' vision of sustainability. By incorporating these lightweight preforms, the company aims to significantly decrease the environmental impact of its packaging, reflecting a resolute commitment to a greener future.

The strategic partnership between Nera Kritis and SIPA signifies a milestone in the Greek market's journey toward sustainability. Together, they are reshaping industry standards, setting a precedent for eco-conscious packaging solutions.

As consumers increasingly prioritize sustainability, Nera Kritis stands at the forefront, pioneering change through innovation and a steadfast commitment to the environment. The collaboration with SIPA marks a significant leap toward a more sustainable future for Greece's beverage packaging industry.

In embracing SIPA's state-of-the-art technology, Nera Kritis reiterates its unwavering dedication to fostering environmental responsibility without compromising on quality, setting a new benchmark for eco-friendly packaging in Greece.
Nera Kritis' ethos of environmental stewardship: