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SIPA has introduced the SFL Flex machine, expanding its SFL range of linear stretch-blow molding machines to cater to the production of small batches. The SFL Flex is available in two versions, one with two cavities and the other with just one. These machines are designed for lower output segments, producing between 1000 to 4000 bottles per hour. They offer several advantages:

1. Small and Flexible:
The SFL Flex machines are compact, flexible, and easy to use, making them suitable for various production needs.

2. High-Quality Output:
Like the larger models in the SFL family, the SFL Flex machines are capable of producing very high-quality PET bottles, ensuring that the bottles meet stringent quality standards.

3. Versatile Applications:
These machines are ideal for launching new products across various segments, including beverages, personal and home care, hot-fill, refillable bottles, and more. They are compatible with PET, rPET, and other polymers used in the stretch-blow molding (SBM) process.

4. Size and Capacity:
The SFL Flex 2 can produce bottles of up to 3 liters in volume, with necks of up to 48mm. It achieves speeds of up to 2000 bottles per hour per cavity, making it suitable for small to medium production runs.

5.Optional Features:
The machine can be equipped with numerous optional features to expand its capabilities in terms of bottle shape and filling requirements, allowing it to meet specific production needs.

6.Quick Changeovers:

The SFL Flex machines offer quick mold changeovers, with a change time of no more than 10 minutes, minimizing downtime during production changeovers. Neck changes can be completed in about 30 minutes, enhancing operational efficiency.

7.Compact Footprint:
Despite their capabilities, these machines have a compact footprint of just 8 square meters, making them suitable for installations with limited space.

Overall, the introduction of the SFL Flex machines by SIPA offers a versatile and efficient solution for companies looking to produce small batches of high-quality PET bottles across various industries while optimizing space usage with its low footprint.

8. Flexibility in mold and customized parts:

SFL FLEX is designed to host any kind of existing blow mold (shell or block, from SFL, XTRA or other OEMs / mold producers). Majority of the perso parts have same engineering of the SFL family, allowing smooth transition to other machine sizes (scaling-up production or scaling-down blowing operations).

SIPA's SFL FLEX linear blowmolder: