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SIPA has extended its range of extrusion units that fit on the XFORM 500 injection molding system. SIPA is the only company in the world offering PET preform molds with an almost-incredible 200 cavities, and now processors who want extra comfort for production at full speed with such an amazing mold can opt for an extra-large extruder: the EE155.

It’s an important addition to the SIPA range. Sales of XFORMs continue to grow year-on-year, and around 15% of current sales of the XFORM 500 are for use with high-cavitation molds, with either 180 or 200 cavities.

It was a logical step for SIPA to add an extruder with a higher capacity – around 1700 kg/h, way more than our previous top-of-the-range unit – to provide our customers with more flexibility when making preforms with higher weights across the full range of mold cavitations.

At the beginning of this year, SIPA was already producing three new XFORM 500 systems equipped with the EE155 extruder, set to be ready for delivery in April.

SIPA now offers three sizes of XFORM, with clamp forces of 250, 350, and 500 tonnes, and each model can be equipped with at least three different sizes of extruder. Now, there are four options for the XFORM 500, starting with the EE100, passing through the EE120 and EE140, topping out with the EE155.
Bigger extrusion unit for ultra high output preform production: