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We explore today, with the assistance of Alfonso Montoya, Director of Purchasing at Grupo GEPP, the fruitful collaboration between SIPA and GEPP. This alliance, which began over 25 years ago, has evolved into a shining example of success. GEPP, the exclusive bottling group operating throughout the entire territory of Mexico, holds the exclusive portfolio of PepsiCo beverages in the country and has strategic partnerships with other brands such as JUMEX and ALPURA. GEPP has chosen to renew its trust in SIPA due to the efficiency and quality of solutions provided by our company.

From the first steps taken in 2018 to the recent acquisitions of state-of-the-art SIPA XTRA rotary blowmolders and turnkey filling lines, GEPP has experienced an outstanding growth rate and implementation of innovative projects in recent years, counting on the invaluable support of SIPA.

Join us as we explore the details of this success story and the reasons that led GEPP to choose SIPA as a strategic technology provider for its beverage sector operations in Mexico!

Alfonso, how could you introduce the GEPP Group in a few words?

GEPP began its consolidated business in 2011, after the integration of the existing operations of the companies Geusa, PBG and Gatorade of Mexico, as well as the entry into business of Empresas Polar of Venezuela.

GEPP is the only PepsiCo bottler in Mexico. It has more than 45 plants producing various beverages located in all operating regions of Mexico and its own preform production plant, PROPLASA. GEPP generates direct employment for more than 42,000 workers, consolidating itself as one of the main employers in the private sector in Mexico.

We are a business group dedicated to the operation, manufacturing, distribution and marketing of water, carbonated, non-carbonated, isotonic beverages, among others. We are leaders in the production and distribution of water in 20-liter bottles. Our portfolio is made up of important brands such as ePura, Pepsi-Cola, Gatorade, Manzanita Sol, Mirinda, 7up, Lipton Tea, Canada Dry, B-Light, Jumex Fresh, among others. Additionally, GEPP is a distributor of Alpura products in the Traditional channel in various territories of the Mexican Republic.

Why did you choose SIPA?

The close collaboration between SIPA and GEPP dates back to 2003, when SIPA supplied blowing equipment and filling lines for the Geusa plants. Later, SIPA installed an SFR 16 model blower and a 144-valve filling line at the Celaya Plant in Guanajuato to produce 3-liter Pepsi. Without a doubt, this filler has been recognized as one of the most efficient. Starting in 2022, GEPP decides to increase collaboration ties with SIPA as a strategic technological partner for a plant technological renewal program, under which GEPP awarded SIPA 4 XTRA blowers and a Gatorade filler. Based on the good service, speed of installation, start-up and scope of operational efficiencies, GEPP decided to acquire from SIPA another 2 XTRA blowmolders, a complete line for water of 57,000 bph, two lines for soft drinks of 48,000 bph and 14 palletizers. With the plastics producing subsidiary PROPLASA, it was decided to implement the preform lightening program, as SIPA was the winner of the tender for lightened neck functionality with the proposal for a PCO 1881 LW (LightWeight).

What innovative services does GEPP recognize from SIPA?

The choice of SIPA as GEPP's strategic supplier was confirmed due to its ability to provide adequate technical support in Mexico, structuring a greater number of qualified technicians and a well-organized spare parts warehouse, which guarantees fast and accurate response times. In addition, the recognition of GEPP by XTRA for the connection to Echo and 4.0 digital services stands out.

What are GEPP's future challenges in the beverage market in Mexico?

GEPP has various commitments, among which are: contributing to the vitality of Mexicans and their families, acting in accordance with the code of conduct. In addition, we care about applicable laws and regulations, being a competitive option for our consumers byproviding them with friendly and dedicated service. We continue manufacturing products of excellence and high quality, while generating portfolio growth, building win-win relationships with our clients and suppliers in the short and long terms as well as providing our workers with decent and dignified work. Gepp generates for its partners the maximum potential and return, actively participating in the communities where we operate, as well as contribute to the prosperity of Mexico.
GEPP: a 25-year journey of success: