ECS SP integrated systems

From the resin to the finished container without any interruption

Injection stretch-blow molding machines (ISBM) model ECS SP 80 and ECS SP 25 are designed for the production of containers in smaller lots than SIPA’s existing ECS FX single-stage units. They have features that enable quick change-overs between different product configurations, and they are also characterized by their compact layouts and high energy efficiency. Moreover, the handling of the preforms (always kept from the neck) allows for neck and container shoulder design not feasible with two-step technology.
The ECS SPs are ideal for the production of bottles with volumes as small as 20, 30 and 50 mL, typically used for such products as pharmaceuticals and also miniature shampoos and lotions used by hotels.
The SP models use hydraulics when large forces are required (e.g. to apply clamping tonnage) and servo-electric drives for fast movements (e.g. open/closing of the blowing unit). This combination is very energy efficient, helping the machines achieve a carbon footprint smaller than key competition. A key feature of the ECS SP line is that they accept molds originally designed to run on equipment from major competitors.   


  • Wide range of containers can be produced with virtually no change of the machine 
  • Quick mold changeover for different product configurations (from 4 to 5 hours for a complete changeover)
  • Extremely compact lay-out
  • High energy efficiency due to machine hybrid configuration (servo electric drives and hydraulics) 
  • Accept legacy molds from other ISBM system suppliers 
  • Hydraulic circuit and components positioned in the lower side of the machine, guaranteeing a clean production environment, ideal for food and pharma applications
ECS SP 80 ISBM System


Single-stage system model ECS SP 80

Quick Changeover On ECS SP


Latest quick changeover solution on ECS SP80

IECS SP 80 ISBM System


Production of 100 ml containers for personal care.

ECS SP 25 ISBM System


The ECS SP 25, the most compact Injection Stretch Blow Molding machine allows for the highest flexibility in the production of virtually all type of PET containers.

Process steps of ECS SP 80: main features and advantages

Preform injection
Previously dehumidified and melted material is injected into the mold for the production of preforms:
  • Proportional valve controls for injection clamp open /close movement
  • Injection mold opening stroke can be regulated on real preform length to optimize cycle time and energy consumptions.
  • Screw rotation powered by servo-electric drive, by servomotor
  • Hydraulic valve in the injector obturator
  • Pneumatic valve for the hot runner pin valve
  • SIPA hot runner and cold half design
  • Interchangeability with competitor tooling
  • Injection clamp force, obtained by short stroke pancake cylinder, with adjustable hydraulic pressure by control panel
Thermal conditioning
Once the injection cycle has been completed, preforms get to the conditioning station where their thermal profile is optimized before the stretch-blow molding phase.
  • Internal conditioning with thermoregulated cores
  • External conditioning with electric band heaters

The conditioning preforms reach the stretch-blow molding station.
  • Servo motor for blow press opening/closing
  • Stroke can be adjusted to the real bottle diameter in order to optimize cycle time and energy utilization

Bottles discharge
Finished containers reache the discharge station.
  • Indipendent bottle discharge on operator’s side 
  • Easy installation of take out and orientation devices
Further advantages
  • Energy recovery of servo motors during braking: highly innovative and efficient solution 
  • Small hydraulic oil tank (220 L. only): reduction in energy consumption
  • The clamp unit is positioned vertically, and all hydraulics are kept below the level of the table to avoid any oil contamination to the containers produced.
  • Very low power consumption: as low as 20 kWh for machine, hot runner and PET loader



  • PET
  • recycled PET
  • regrind PET

Containers Type

  • Standard and taylor-made
  • Wide mouth jar
  • Oval and asymmetrical
  • Small size (20, 30, 50ml)
  • Long neck
  • Light barrier
  • Gas barrier


ISBM systems serie ECS SP are ideal platforms for the production of a wide range of specialty containers. Main applications are typically cosmetics and personal care, detergents and home care, motor oil, food, miniature spirits, pharmaceuticals.

Production range

ECS SP 801 - 161 - 1612.51307,200
ECS SP 251 - 101 - 103.51004,500