We have comprehensive laboratory facilities that enable us to carry out a full range of tests, not only on all shapes and sizes of preforms and containers (including jars, handled containers and beer kegs), but also on caps, closures and separate handles, plus all the materials they are made from. 

 With the aid of sophisticated instruments, calibrated by the most famous firms, SIPA is able to perform customized test-batches tailored on specific customer's needs: 

  • Dimensional measurements
  • Mechanical Measurements
  • Physical and chemical tests
  • Functional tests
  • Tests on materials other than PET: polyolefins (PP, HDPE), polystyrene, biopolymers
  • Tests on barrier coatings: oxygen scavengers, or with special coatings by testing hardness, adhesion, resistance to abrasion etc.
  • Gas permeability test (oxygen, CO2) and the shelf-life of the final container.
  • Pressurization to replicate the industrial process
  • Simulation with nitrogen dosage tests
  • Hot fill / warm fill test
  • Pasteurization test

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