SIPA has invested considerable resources to offer a fast and reliable preform and bottle prototyping service, allowing our customers to quickly check the aesthetics and functionality of their packaging.

A team of experts both in the preform and in bottle production process are at your service to help with packaging prototyping activities. In terms of laboratory machines, we have 16 platforms that comprise all the preform and bottle production technology (preform production systems, linear and rotary blowers, single stage machines).




Injection Experts

Our team of process technicians experienced in preform development is able to prototype preforms with a specific design or to find the best preform currently available on the market for the bottle shape required by the customer.
Tests are also carried out with PET and other materials, including additives, colour masterbatches and special resins.

In our prototyping department it is possible to inject both standard and thin-wall preforms (XMOULD, XTREME).



Strect-Blowing Experts

 We are able to develop and produce samples for an extremely wide range of containers and applications:

  • standard bottles and special containers (particular attention is given to the customised machine parts, for example: seals, rods, pincers, quick mold changeovers, etc.);
  • of all sizes, from the smallest (50ml) to the largest (30 litres);
  • for all applications, from water to soft drinks, from food products to detergents, cosmetics and pharmaceuticals, to chemical products;

It is possible to carry out internal acceptance tests and bottle samples for in-line test at our customers premises.
For every container developed, not only technical aspects but also savings, flexibility, safety, sustainability are taken into account.

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