FEA Analysis

Once the container design has been selected, before producing a prototype from our designs, we do a deep technical assessment of the existing production environment and simulate preform and bottle performance. Using Finite Elements Analysis, (FEA) we’re able to check package technical feasibility and identify potential improvements even before to produce the samples.


Packaging Optimization

SIPA’s approach allows you to launch a new package shape or cut raw material and operating costs (total cost of ownership) without taking useless risks.

Bottling Line optimization

Further attention is given to the filling and palletizing phases: the design of our containers also takes into account the characteristics required by filling machines (e.g.: shape of the bottle shoulder, profile, etc.), during capping, in conveyor lines (e.g.: flat base for greater stability, petaloid base with large diameter, height/diameter ratio, radial strength, etc.), all the way to palletising (e.g.: resistance to vertical load, resistance to dynamic transport, etc.).Developing the container alongside SIPA means you are certain to achieve your market goals with a more attractive, more functional design, reducing risks and also optimizing costs.


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