Preform design

The most important parameters when designing a preform, in order to achieve the required container specifications with the lowest weight, fastest cycle time, widest process window and ease of filling, are:

  • Wall thickness (WT)
  • Bottom wall thickness (BWT)
  • Total length (TL)
  • Preform overall shape (i.e. straight, bell, reverse taper)
  • Neck finish size and diameter
  • Neck/Thread thickness
  • HUS Height Under Support Ledge
  • Under-ring diameter/thickness/transition area profile
  • Total Weight
  • Injectability
  • Length/wall thickness ratio (L/t)
  • Blowability (stretch ratio)
  • Axial stretch
  • Radial stretch
  • Total stretching ratio
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Container design

SIPA's experience and expertise in the design and production of PET containers extend throughout the entire process helping the customer to create a winning bottle in the most convenient way: an innovative bottle, in tune with its content and that stands out on the shelf. A good design also helps the customer to reduce production costs through reduced weight, lower energy consumption and optimized secondary packaging processes. In the ideal bottle, the preform and the bottle integrate perfectly.

This is where our experience comes into play. Our technical, creative and marketing professionals collaborate with you on all packaging projects, including:

  • New designs
  • New formats
  • Light-weighting
  • Energy savings
  • Special and niche application packages: wide mouth jars, oval containers, large sizes, automatic handle insertion, heat set bottles, stackable and self-collapsible containers

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