Squeezable containers for ketchup


The goal was to create a new ketchup container that could withstand a hot fill process that would be a cost-effective alternative to aseptic filling.
Big names in the industry like Heinz have packed their ketchup in PET with oxygen scavengers filling the containers aseptically. The aseptic process is notoriously expensive due to the strict CIP (Clear in Place) procedures because the growth of microorganisms at room temperature is very high and the risk of contamination is also high. The bottling line must be free of dead spots and must be made of stainless steel (eg AISI 316) and the surface must be smooth. All these precautions greatly increase the cost of the plant and its maintenance compared to the almost standard hot fill process.


The hot-fillable ketchup bottles created by SIPA withstand the cooling of the product with the consequent reduction of the volume and a partial vacuum. Normally, with the classic long-neck bottle shape, when the bottle shrinks with cooling, the label will partially or totally peel off. The FEM analysis shows that the bottle designed by SIPA does not deform with the hot filling process and maintains its shape with cooling, preventing the label from detaching.
Features and Benefits


Features and Benefits

  • Cost-effective alternative to aseptic packaging
  • 12 months of conservation with the addition of oxygen scavengers
  • Freedom of design
  • Standard labeling
  • Squeezable bottles
  • Not deformable with hot filling
  • High-speed production with rotary blow molding machine in hot fill version

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